18 September 2015

What the Locals Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

These locals are doing their social media marketing right! Social media marketing is all around us. It’s nearly impossible to own a business without a presence on social media, and even harder when you have a small business that you want to gain exposure in the community. The proliferation of social media outlets means that […]

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10 August 2015

Instagram: The Secret to Conquering It

Instagram is one of the hottest social media sites out there. It’s full of fun and motivating quotes, pictures and words of wisdom. But, Instagram is also full of those who don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Instagram is like any other social media site… it has a different personality and you have to […]

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9 July 2015

Posting on Social Media: How Much is Too Much?

Everyone likes learning about new things, right? Of course, you do! But, when it comes to social media posting, do you really ever master it, or do you just become as skilled as you can? Social media has become a phenomenon for a multitude of reasons. It allows customers to connect with brands, it allows […]

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13 June 2015

The Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing

Everyone knows that if the remote controller didn’t exist, we would moan every time we had to get up and change the channel. Convenience is a HUGE part of our society… they even named stores after it… Convenience stores. (Hello). So, why not translate this, shall we say, laziness into our marketing? If we can […]

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15 May 2015

8 Reasons Your Blog Sucks & How To Fix It

When you were little (if you were anything like me), presentations were almost the death of you. (Not going to lie, at times, I still get nervous about them). Anyways, presentations sucked, to put it bluntly. There was a lot of prep time, a lot of time for your parents to help you look over […]

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26 April 2015

17 Ways To Get Great Social Media Content

I was sitting on my porch earlier, contemplating life. Mostly the question, how am I going to get all of my friends together for a fun Memorial Day weekend. Then I thought, duh, a message system. And then I thought, if I can wrangle all of them up together, I can probably do that with […]

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3 April 2015

A Mobile Friendly Website Is Now Very Important

Updates and changes are part of life… like that time you got the bowl haircut. Okay, bad memory, but really, everyone needs to be ready for changes, especially when it comes to marketing and technology and now, having a mobile friendly website.

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21 March 2015

Small Business Marketing: Where Do You Start?

The other day I tried out this new recipe from a delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients to your door and gives you a recipe to make them. It’s a pretty sweet concept, especially if you don’t have time (or want to) go out and get groceries or buy an item you’ll probably use once […]

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6 March 2015

How Often Should I Blog?

How often should I blog is a tough question. Blogging is kinda like going to the gym… you know you have to do it, but sometimes it’s a struggle (Like going to the gym on Friday mornings, eek) But, blogging is just as important to keep your website healthy as is going to the gym to […]

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