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Design is a form of art that combines text and images in order to communicate content. Graphic design contains a lot of behind-the-scenes, though that may not be apparent to people on the other side of the design world curtain. For small businesses, design helps create an identity that can be used consistently across various social media platforms.

The Importance of Creating an Identity

More often than not, businesses, especially small businesses, are identified by the identity that they create. In a sea of competitors, it is important to stand out by creating an identity that makes your business unique.

Design can help achieve the unique identity of your business. By selecting particular fonts and colors, you can attract attention to your business. Imagery can also be created that helps define the identity of your business as long as the imagery remains consistent.


graphic design


Consistency Is Critical

Creating an identity is definitely the first step in coming up with an effective design, but with that creation, comes consistency. Designs must remain consistent so that viewers can trace the path back to your business.

You want to be easily recognized and praised for your business, so make sure to keep your designs and identity consistent.


graphic design


Design Can Vary Among Different Social Media Platforms

People go on different social media platforms for different reasons. For example, Pinterest is mainly used by people to learn how to do certain things or to become inspired. Instagram, on the other hand, is used to share images with a smaller caption.

With this idea in mind, you can alter your design to fit the specific platform that you will be sharing it on. The design can still remain consistent, it is just the format that may change in order to attract more people to your small business on different social media platforms.

The image below is great to share on Instagram, along with a clever caption. The photograph would not be the best choice for Pinterest. An infographic would be a more helpful piece to share on Pinterest.


graphic design


Check out our toolbox to find tips on how you can be your own graphic designer!

Written by: Viveke Bejar

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