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It’s 2019 and since last year, so many things have already changed. Instagram dumped the bots, SEO is weighted heavier on feedback and reviews and now, more than ever, you need an Orlando digital marketing agency to help you soar past the competition.

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, SEO and marketing are always changing. We’re subscribers to blogs, podcasts and we recently started a book club to read marketing and business books to help us keep on top of the trends.

Let’s get real though, if this wasn’t our job, we wouldn’t be immersed because we’d be immersed in something else! But, we are. And we know that you’re not. It takes TIME, which is the most valuable asset of all when it comes to life.

But now, that’s time you don’t have to waste because that’s where an Orlando digital marketing expert comes into play to help you with your needs and bring you more customers. Here are 14 reasons you should use an Orlando digital marketing company to help you with your 2019 marketing.


I almost spelled “skills” with a “z” but then I remembered it’s not the 90s. But then I also remembered how many times we Google, research and take certificates to continue our education. We’ve sharpened our skills over the years and really have it down to an art. After all, I do say, “Marketing is the colorful side of business!”


Enough said. If you hire an Orlando digital marketing agency, you’re not just hiring one person, you’re hiring an arsenal of people who have expertise in different areas, not just SEO. Social media, email marketing, design– you name it!


If you’re hiring someone to help with your Orlando digital marketing, make sure they have the expertise you’re looking for. We’re experts at helping local businesses grow their reach online. Those businesses don’t have to be just in Orlando, but they have to want to reach a local audience over a global or national one.

Orlando Digital MarketingIdeas

When we meet with clients each month either via phone or in-person, we always come to the table with new ideas. Most of the time our clients haven’t even thought about the idea we propose. This is one area a digital marketing specialist can help with… a lot! Coming up with new, creative ideas to help you grow.


Consulting is part of the overall digital marketing strategy and brainstorming is what we do before each new client comes on board. We set up an internal meeting, then set up a kick-off meeting with the client, then each month we dive into new ideas and needs they have.


Have you ever wondered if you’re posting the right amount of times or to the right audience? Well, that’s where we come in! We have programs and can run tests to see what times, days and types of posts work the best for each platform and for each of our clients.


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that there’s probably a program for that. Programs might seem like “a way out” but it eliminates human error and since we keep it consistent each month, we can see areas of opportunity and what we did better.


There are so many certificates out there that we can take as Orlando digital marketers, and we do. Most of them take a couple of hours and sometimes longer. The fact is, you don’t have time for that! So, we do it for you.


Connections are key to get great advice and to bounce ideas off of others. Not only do great Orlando digital marketing agencies have the connections but they have the coaches, mentors, and colleagues to help them if they do ever get into a situation they need help with.

Research Power

Researching is key and since we know the digital marketing industry, we know what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. Ask a digital marketing expert, it’s our job to find the issue to the problem and help resolve it by using our past knowledge and researching power.


Digital marketing agencies usually have a great person on staff who can write very, very well. This is key when it comes to social media posts, social media ads, blogging, and email marketing.


One thing I’m huge on is communication. I think this is key for any relationship, especially one where someone’s running your digital marketing. We keep in contact by having monthly phone calls or meetings with clients. This enables us to answer any questions, go over suggestions and make sure we’re on the same page.


Each digital agency is different but one thing we love doing is design work. We are frequently helping businesses with their branding, logo design, flyers, rack cards, and you name it! You could go to another place to get it done (or do it yourself) but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for!


Passion is key with everything, however, when you see a team working towards a common goal, there’s nothing better! Your ideal Orlando digital marketing agency should have passion, not only for your results but for their own too. Their portfolio is a great place to look and so are their social media sites.

Orlando Digital Marketing

Overall, digital marketing is an industry we love being in. It’s constantly changing and challenging us. If you’re a small business who’s interested in growing your reach, we’d love to chat!

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