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It can be tough to compete with the corporate chains in your surrounding area. We’re giving you three ingredients to ensure your Tampa small business marketing can hang with the best of them.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the daily trials and tribulations that come with day-to-day operations. We don’t have corporate locations that help with revenue and every day is different. South Street & Co. was founded to strategically help small businesses grow comfortably with marketing. It’s our job and passion to manage Tampa small business marketing so you no longer have to.

We’re outlining three ingredients you should be implementing when marketing on your own. It’s the little things that speak volumes about your brand and what your audience can expect. If you follow our recipe, your Tampa small business marketing should be in good shape for the new year. Get out your bowl, we’re diving in!

Tampa Small Business Marketing

1. Add Social Media Platforms To The Mix

If your business doesn’t utilize social media by now, you’re looking at an underbaked marketing plan. We’re not saying you should have all the socials, but have the platforms that make sense for your Tampa small business marketing.

The key ingredient here isn’t just having social media accounts though– it’s how you use them to engage with your audience. People nowadays will do anything to not have to call about a question. They more than likely check your social media accounts for information. A lot of the time if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll comment or direct message you for the answer. And you better answer…

2. Bake In The Branding & Make Sure It’s Consistent

Your brand has to be established before you try to gain a following. Your audience becomes your audience because they like what they see. If you switch up the branding or try to promote a product that doesn’t align with your business, you could lose customers.

Make sure your branding is consistent from the specific colors you use to the font you use. The idea is that people recognize your logo when they see it. In order for this to happen, you must carefully consider the details to make an impact.

3. Cut A Slice For The Community

In order to grow with Tampa small business marketing, you must let the community know you’re actively trying. We recommend attending local events, networking, hosting an open house, and building an email list to give the community an inside scoop on specials. Do whatever it takes to get some recognition. The community will love to support you if you support them.

At South Street & Co., we practice what we preach. All of these things have gotten us where we are today and we hope you put it to use for Tampa small business marketing. If you have any questions about marketing, we offer a free 30-minute consultation with our owner and creative director, Kaitlyn! We’d love to help your small business grow!

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