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Every business should be integrating these 5 steps into their Orlando small business SEO strategy. It’s essential, especially now, to rank on Google and to acquire visibility and new clients.

When I started my career in marketing back in 2012, SEO wasn’t something everyone had heard about– especially an Orlando small business SEO strategy. It was like a myth; you might have heard about it, but had no idea if it was a real “thing” or if it was something you should pay attention to.

Fast forward to now and SEO should be a part of any small business’ strategy. Whether you’re asking for reviews or you’re writing content, here are the reasons and stats to keep SEO at the forefront of your marketing strategy.


Content Is (Still) King

No matter what you read, you hear the great debate on whether blogging and content are really drivers for SEO. The answer, in short, is yes– but in long, it truly all depends.

Orlando small business SEO

It depends because if you’re writing blogs to educate your clientele, that’s one thing. However, if you’re writing them to educate AND to rank online, that’s another thing. And that is where content is still king.

When writing blogs, there’s a strategy you must follow for them to be effective. It’s not just filling up a page with words, it’s writing strategically and purposefully. Here are a couple of bullet points your blog should hit each time:

  • It should be over 300 words
  • It should have the keyword topic scattered throughout
  • It should have a meta description about the topic and keyword
  • It should have at least two photos for every H1
  • The photos should have ALT tags with your keyword in them

Okay, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. But these are the things an Orlando small business SEO plan needs to succeed. So, let’s break them down.


Over 300 Words

Having your blog over 300 words allows Google to crawl it and understand what you’re writing about. According to this blog by Search Engine Land, the length depends on your target audience, but in 2006 there was a study that showed that blogs with around 1900 words did the best. Once again, it depends on your audience and their reading habits.

Here are a couple of key tips when writing blogs for your Orlando small business SEO strategy:

  • Use bullet points or numbers
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Incorporate call to actions (CTAs) within the text to capture emails


Scatter The Keyword Throughout The Text

Your keyword shouldn’t just appear in the heading and title. It should appear throughout the text, but be sure not to overstuff it.

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:

Orlando small business SEO

As you can see, I’ve highlighted the location part of the keyword in a past blog. It’s highlighted throughout the article but also in the H2, which is the bigger text at the top of the page.

The significance of this is to ensure your topic is consistent throughout the blog and to ensure when Google crawls it, the keyword is apparent to the bots.


The Meta Description

Your meta description is the short snippet of information that appears in the Google searches under your website, link, and title. It looks like this:

When typing this out, you should make sure that your keyword is within this description, but that it also makes sense.

Pro Tip: The key for this is to remember that you’re writing for humans. Make sure not to stuff keywords within the text or write in a way that’s hard to read. The worst thing is to lose a reader because you wrote about a topic that couldn’t be understood because you were focusing on Google only.


Implement Relevant Photos

For your Orlando small business SEO blogs, you must use photos that tie back to the blog. These can be purchased from stock sites or they can be your own. Remember to NEVER (never, never, never) grab a photo from Google and add it to your blog OR use a photo without someone’s permission. This can lead to legal issues.

The best thing we do is find a photo that directly relates to the topic we’re writing about. We either use one we’ve shared on social media (we have different audiences so no one will remember) or we use one from a stock site.

If you don’t have a budget for a stock site, not to worry. There are plenty of free stock photo sites that allow use for businesses. Just ensure you’re checking and double-checking the fine print.


ALT Tags

An ALT tag is how Google crawls your photos to understand what they’re about. If you want to dive deep into what Google recommends for photos, this article is going to have you jumping in face first! Some of these items you may need a developer’s help with but just take it one step at a time so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

Here’s what it looks like on a WordPress site when you click on your photos:

Your Orlando small business SEO strategy needs to be concise and it needs to be consistent. One thing I did when I was starting out was I blogged once per week. This would give me enough time to get the work done but to also make sure I wasn’t forgetting about my mission to acquire clients.

When I worked at my prior position, I had the PAs and NPs (it was a doctor’s office) write blogs each month. They’d send them to me, I’d edit them, optimize them, and finally post them.

If this process seems too overwhelming, I get it! We’re experts at helping businesses grow their reach online and helping them increase their bottom line.

This is something we specialize in and if you need help, schedule a free 30-minute call with me OR fill out the form below!

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