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Taking marketing classes in college is vastly different than implementing what I’ve learned in school to professionally market brands for a well-established company. Starting my internship with South Street & Co. was daunting at first, but I quickly gained my footing. Here are 4 things my internship has taught me so far!

Create Appealing And Consistent Visual Content

Social media plays a huge and vital role in the success of any marketing strategy. With almost every business using social media to promote their brand, it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to set your business apart from the others.

One way that you can quickly grab people’s attention on social media is to create appealing visual content. Pairing text with visual elements makes it much easier for people to comprehend and retain the message you’re trying to get across, so it’s important that you utilize this technique in order to grow your brand awareness on social media. When creating visual content, remember to ensure that the design remains consistent with your brand!

Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

The first blog I wrote was about improving your Instagram marketing strategy, and that’s because it’s a topic that I have grown very familiar with over the past month. Instagram is an essential part of South Street & Co.’s marketing strategy, and rightly so!

Instagram is a great tool for brands to utilize, and this internship taught me that there are some ways you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy so your business can grow. One of the most important strategies I learned was using branded hashtags instead of only using generic ones. This is a great way for you to differentiate yourself from the sea of other accounts and hashtags on Instagram.

How To Blog Like A Pro

Before my internship, I had never written a blog before! When I was tasked with writing my first blog, I kept taking one step forward and two steps back; I’d write a sentence down and swiftly delete it because it wasn’t perfect. This is where I quickly learned the first tip to blogging: just write! Rather than staring at a blank Word document for an hour and waiting for the right words to come to mind, I had to teach myself to just start writing or brainstorming ideas.

First put your ideas down, and then focus on perfecting them. Another tip for blogging is that you should never be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Share your ideas with others and see what they think; would they spend the time to read your blog or would they scroll past it? Getting this second opinion will help you when you start your editing process.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The final thing I’ve learned during this month is  an internship is the best opportunity you have to step out of your comfort zone and tackle tasks and projects you’ve never done before. When your boss or coworker is looking for someone to take the lead on a task, be the first person to volunteer! Internships are meant to give you experience and knowledge in your desired field, so don’t hesitate to gain that experience.

South Street & Co.’s team has done a fantastic job making me feel welcome and appreciated; their work culture is one where I’m not afraid to ask questions because I know that I will be met with great enthusiasm from them. It is refreshing to work with a company that has great values and a creative work environment. If you are interested in learning more about South Street & Co. and how they can help grow your business, contact them today!

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