Case Study: How We’re Helping an Author Sell Her Book Through Social Media

September 27, 2018

Case Study: How We’re Helping an Author Sell Her Book Through Social Media

Digital marketing is a great resource to utilize when it comes to spreading the word about your business. However, this type of marketing strategy takes time and patience. Here’s a case study about how we helped an author sell her book with social media.  What many businesses don’t realize is that it’s a slow burn; […]

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Herbert M Hill PA

May 3, 2018

Case Study: Herbert M. Hill, P.A. How We Are Helping A Law Firm Grow Their Online Presence

When it comes to marketing, being consistent with your plan and strategy is the best way to succeed. When we found Herbert M. Hill, P.A. they wanted to grow their reach, and find traction on Google. That’s just what we helped them with. Client Background Herbert M. Hill, P.A is an Orlando based law firm […]

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Marketing Award

May 18, 2017

How We Made A Water Bottle & Paper Into An Award Entry Fit For A Win

People always ask us what makes us different and I always say two things… #1: We’re creative #2: I was on the other side of the table with marketing companies selling to me so it’s kind of like “been there, done that” and I know the over promises and under delivers. But I want to […]

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our hashtag mistake

March 21, 2017

Our Hashtag Mistake & What We (Quickly) Learned

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. You know them and you love them. But here’s what our hashtag mistake was AND how we quickly learned from it and rerouted. If you follow us on our IG (our second language), you know that I post pretty early in the morning. Side story- I did this because when I was […]

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Case Study: How we're helping a roofer book 3 months in advance

February 21, 2017

Case Study: How We Are Helping A Roofer Book 3 Months In Advance

When it comes to marketing, having a consistent strategy and plan is the key to success. When we came across Over The Top Roofers, they wanted to jump on the consistency bandwagon and that’s just what we helped them do. When we first started working with Over The Top Roofers out of Windermere they had […]

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How We Doubled A Medical Practice & Increased New Patients by 51%

December 20, 2016

Medical Case Study: How We Doubled A Practice & Increased New Patients by 51%

HERE’S HOW WE DOUBLED MID FLORIDA DERMATOLOGY IN TWO AND A HALF YEARS AND INCREASED NEW PATIENTS BY 51%. Disclaimer: This was while I was working for Mid Florida Dermatology. The “we” I refer to is the team I had while working there. Even though I worked there, this is what I did to make […]

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How We Constantly Gained 75 Followers Per Week on Instagram

December 6, 2016

Instagram Case Study

IN OUR INSTAGRAM CASE STUDY, YOU’LL SEE WE ARE DEDICATED TO HELPING OUR CLIENTS IMPROVE THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE. WE THINK ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS YOU NEED TO DO IS GROW YOUR FOLLOWING. Why? If more people are exposed to your product, you have a greater chance of selling your product. Growth is also a […]

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