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Tampa small businesses are lighting up the West Coast area. If you need some direction on the best places to follow on social media, look no further!

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE Tampa. It’s so lively, modern, and ever-changing. I have family who lives there so I try to get down there as much as I can. Every time we head to Tampa there is another new place to visit and another activity to partake in. The Tampa small businesses that are popping up left and right are so creative and engaging I can’t help but follow them on social media.

To name just four Tampa small businesses is hard, my list could go on and on. To narrow it down, here are my must-visits when in Tampa that you should go follow on social media right now.


Coppertail Brewing Co.Tampa Small Businesses

The atmosphere of a brewery is a fun, young and hip environment. (Also, I do love mermaids and this company has a mermaid logo, and to be honest, they had me at that.) The beer is also great here with varieties and options for anyone’s preference.

On their social media, they’re constantly posting great events and updates on what they are brewing and events they’re hosting. This is just one of the many Tampa small businesses you need to go follow.



Tampa Small Businesses

Fig and Juelp

This has to be the sweetest place! From cheese to beautiful platters, I know to leave some extra room in my trunk for a bag from Fig and Juelp. If you’re in need of a small gift for a friend, or just a new item for your kitchen or fridge, go here.

They’re located in the great Hyde Park area and always have the best inventory. Their social media stays up to date on any holidays and they’ll show you new items they have.

P.S. They have the coolest, yummiest pasta!



Tampa Small Businesses

Oxford Exchange

This is THE place to gather. It’s so full of life that you can’t help but be happy when you walk in. I love to eat, read, and spend time with great people; and this place has all three in one.

They have an awesome bookstore that is any bookworm’s dream, amazing food, and a wonderful atmosphere. If you’re like me and don’t live in Tampa, give them a follow on social media, they do an awesome job of making it feel like you’re there in every post.



Tampa Small BusinessesArmature Works  

Even though this technically isn’t one business, they support a plethora of Tampa small businesses that are worth checking out. Armature works is an amazing old, historic building turned into one of the hottest places in Tampa. With its market-style concept, this brings all of the goodness under one roof.

Are you with someone that loves sushi but you also love empanadas? Then this is the place for you! Let’s talk social because they’re #KillingIt. They do an amazing job of showcasing all the businesses there while highlighting specials and events. As you scroll through, you will see all that Armature Works has to offer.


These Tampa small businesses deserve a follow on social media because they not only keep you up-to-date on what’s going on but their posts are inspiring if you need a go-to for some creative juices. As a small business that markets for small businesses, we love watching other businesses thrive! If you need marketing help or a simple consultation, contact us today!

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