Orlando SEO Company Secrets… Revealed!

Orlando SEO Company Secrets… Revealed!

Orlando SEO Company

Orlando SEO Company Secrets… Revealed!

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While we’re not revealing all of our secrets, we are sharing quite a few of them regarding our Orlando SEO company methods to get businesses to the top of the page.

Search engine optimization is something that should be on every small business’ marketing map. It’s constantly growing and evolving, and in order to be the Orlando SEO company that helps clients reach top results (increasing their bottom line), we need to keep up. Here are some secrets we’re sharing that you can implement today!

Utilize Reviews

Orlando SEO CompanyIf you’re a local company, you have your Google My Business page. This look like the below photo:

The purpose of reviews allows others to see what your prior customers have said. And, if you think these don’t matter, you’re mistaken!

I’ve had people call us and say, “The reason I called you out of the others is because of all of your great reviews.”

There’s a trick to asking for reviews. Here are the steps to get a review easily:

  • Send an email from the owner of the company or the point of contact that the client/ customer was working with. This makes it more personal.
  • Ask for a “Rave Review.” This doesn’t blatantly ask for a 5-star review but a rave review is a synonym to that.
  • Send the email soon after the work is completed for them. If you send it too far after, they’ll have moved on and maybe forgotten the great work you did for them.

Check Your Title Tags

A title tag is a great indicator of what you’re ranking for on the page and how you can do some competitive research to see what others are ranking for. Here’s what it looks like:

Orlando SEO Company

This should be one of the main things you change when you go into your website to optimize for SEO.

From this screenshot you can see that we want to rank for “Small Business Marketing, Marketing Orlando.”

If you’re an AC company who is targeting the Orlando area, this is something you would want to change ASAP to your main keyword.

Keyword Density

You want to focus on one or two keywords per page. As you can see from above, we’re focusing on two. We’ve taken over a client’s website when they were either doing SEO themselves or someone else was doing it for them, and there are a million keywords within the title tag.

I don’t recommend that strategy and it’s not something we do for our clients. Remember back in elementary school when you had to write a paper and you had to focus on one main subject? That’s the same idea. You’ll want to do the same thing with your pages.

Your keyword, or phrase, should be within the text of your blog or page as well. However, it shouldn’t be overdone. This is called keyword stuffing and if you have the keyword too many times within the page/ blog, Google could demote you for it.

Orlando SEO company

Update Your GMB Page

We just went over how important reviews are, now let’s touch on how important it is to update your Google My Business page. It should be updated on a monthly basis with the following items:

  • Responding to reviews
  • Asking a question
  • Making sure your “book/appointment” button is working
  • Updating photos
  • Adding in a post per week (after 7-days it expires)

All of these things are going to help your visibility, especially when people search on a local level.

Do Some Research

Even if you don’t know how to research your keywords, there’s a little trick. Type in the main keyword or phrase you’d like to be found for in Google. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You’ll see that there are about 8-10 options of what other people are seeing related to the keyword you just typed in. Here’s an example.

I typed in small business marketing Orlando in the search bar of Google. Here’s what else came up:

Orlando SEO Company

These are also items that people are searching for related to small business marketing Orlando.

By doing this, you can get similar phrases of what people are searching for and you can write content and blogs about those particular topics. This is a huge help because you don’t have to understand Google Ads or pay for a subscription to keyword research.

Now, this only works if you have some keywords in the back of your mind. A good place so start is to think about what people ask you on a regular basis.

Here are some examples:

If you’re an insurance agent, what do people ask you about? Maybe it’s jewelry insurance or life insurance? Take those topics and add a location to the back of them and then write a page or two (over 300 words) of content about them. Some of your keywords might be:

  • Jewelry insurance Orlando
  • Life insurance agency Orlando

If you’re a car repair shop, do the same thing. What do people ask you about? Maybe they ask you about an oil change, a new air filter, or new windshield wipers. Some of your keywords might be:

  • Oil change Orlando
  • Air filter Orlando
  • Windshield wipers replacement Orlando

If you’re not in Orlando, or you want to target a different area, just add your location after the keyword.

Here’s the formula:

Keyword + Location = Local Google Search Results!

Whoa- we covered a lot with this blog and this is just scratching the surface of SEO. I hope you learned some of our secrets and can implement them in your own business!

If you’re interested in learning more OR having someone take over your SEO on a monthly basis, let’s chat! We always offer a free 30-minute call to go over your needs and learn more about what you’re looking for.

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