Favorite Resources

When I first started South Street & Co. I didn’t have the programs or processes in place to help me success because it’s as they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know!” I wish I had a resource list like this because it would have saved me time, effort, and money! Here are the programs we recommend and use on a daily basis… and trust me… they’re worth their weight in gold because they’re that good!

WP EngineHosting: WP Engine

If you have a WordPress website, you should be using WP Engine. I describe it as the Ferrari of WordPress hosting sites. We’ve seen a huge site speed increase and it comes with a FREE SSL Certificate. Click here to get started with WP Engine.



Grammarly LogoGrammar: Grammarly

This is a program I found in the very beginning of starting my company because it was essential that we had absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors on the website – enter Grammarly. We use the Premium version and it’s saved us many times because of its highlights and recommendations. If you’re a writer or blogger, this is an essential program for you. Click here to get started with Grammarly.


FreshBooks LogoInvoicing: FreshBooks

In the beginning, I was creating spreadsheets and Word Docs for invoices and I HATED doing invoicing because it was so tedious. Then, I found Freshbooks from listening to a podcast and my company was forever changed. You can set up recurring invoices to go out, send reminder emails for past invoices and keep track of everything in one place. I HIGHLY recommend it. Click here to get started with FreshBooks.



DepositPhotos LogoPhotos: DepositPhotos

We always want to make sure that the photos we’re using are able to be used for commercial use – and we use a lot of them! I found DepositPhotos from an offer on a website and I’ve stuck with it ever since! It has options for any size business and they also added video options too. Click here to get started with DepositPhotos.


LastPass LogoPasswords: LastPass

This program was a lifesaver in itself because it enabled me to ditch the spreadsheets and pick up a program that was secure. It also has the ability to share passwords with people in and out of your organization while still keeping them secure. Click here to get started with LastPass.


Shift App LogoOrganization: Shift

I was Instagram targeted for this program and I remember thinking, “Why do I need one program for everything?” Then, I saved it on my Instagram account and went on. It popped back up and then I thought, “Wait, one program for EVERYTHING we’re doing!? Why didn’t I do this before!?” And here we are. I’ve been using it for 6 months or so and it’s amazing. I log into all of my programs (they have a ton) and I don’t have to worry about forgetting passwords or multiple Chrome tabs open (yes, that was me too!). Click here to get started with Shift.


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