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We all know that meeting other professionals and expanding your network of people is important. But, it is even more essential to conquer business networking in Orlando to help your business grow.

Orlando is defined as a city, but it has a small town feel. By that, I mean that you see a lot of the same people out and about, and you often meet people who work in the same area you do.

We’re members of the Downtown Orlando Partnership (DOP), where we attend a monthly gathering to meet other business professionals in the area. We’ve learned that when it comes to business networking in Orlando, people are more likely to refer your business if they’ve met you personally.

Let me provide an example. I am assisting a nonprofit with some grant writing and research. I find grants that might be applicable to them, provide a summary of the funder, and the one thing I include is a list of the funder’s board members.

The nonprofit board then determines if they know any of the funder’s board members. Why you ask? Because that board member would then reach out to the funder’s board member and discuss options, goals, the amount available, the population they want to help and how our nonprofit could meet that criteria. We then can proceed with our application with those components in mind, as well as have an advocate for our non-profit!  

Business Networking In OrlandoAlright, so, what does this have to do with your business?  The same process applies to a business. You meet someone at a social gathering where you discuss your job or business and what you’re working on or what you do. The next thing you know that person is saying “I know so and so who’s looking for your services, can I give them your number?” Or even better, “I’m looking for your services, can I call you tomorrow?”


The point is, when business networking in Orlando, it’s important to play the part because maybe down the road your service or product is needed and because you met that person, your business comes to mind.

Business networking in Orlando not only expands your reach for clients, but it can also expand your reach for employees. Expanding your networking will result in expanding your business, which then means you will need more employees! After all, networking is why I am here writing this blog! I got this job through word of mouth, which can end up being a business’ most beneficial form of marketing.

So get out there, join the conversation, connect, mingle, crisscross the room, rub elbows, schmooze, and GROW! Business networking in Orlando has the potential to take your business to new heights.

Are you ready to watch your business take off? We can’t help you network, but we can help you with your marketing! Contact us today if you need anything from a simple consultation to social media marketing!

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