11 July 2017

This Is Why Your Website Needs To Be Backed Up Immediately

Let’s paint a picture here… your website goes down on a weekend. You don’t have an IT person, you don’t know who to call and your customers are calling you telling you they can’t order. This is why your website needs to be backed up immediately. Sound like a nightmare? This is exactly what happened […]

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3 January 2017

3 Big Tips to Help Your Orlando Website Design

The 3 tips that will help your Orlando website design soar to the top of people’s interest and will help you with conversions. When I first launched South Street & Co., I’ll be honest… my website was NOT where I wanted it to be. But at the time I was proud of it and I […]

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3 April 2015

A Mobile Friendly Website Is Now Very Important

Updates and changes are part of life… like that time you got the bowl haircut. Okay, bad memory, but really, everyone needs to be ready for changes, especially when it comes to marketing and technology and now, having a mobile friendly website.

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2 December 2014

4 Simple Ways To Make Your Website Look Better

Making your website look better should be important for two reasons; ease of use for your clients and it’s pleasurable to the eye. Let’s dive in! Waking up in the morning is not my favorite thing. When you look in the mirror in the morning, what do you see? A half awake person staring back […]

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7 October 2014

5 Easy Tricks to Make Your Website Shine

So it’s a weekday night. We’re tired from working all day and all of a sudden we’re day dreaming. Back to when life was a little bit more simple and bills didn’t exist… ahhh… the glory days! Remember when you wanted to be the star in the play. You tried out for the lead role, […]

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