Case Study: Herbert M. Hill, P.A. How We Are Helping A Law Firm Grow Their Online Presence

Case Study: Herbert M. Hill, P.A. How We Are Helping A Law Firm Grow Their Online Presence

Herbert M Hill PA

Case Study: Herbert M. Hill, P.A. How We Are Helping A Law Firm Grow Their Online Presence

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When it comes to marketing, being consistent with your plan and strategy is the best way to succeed. When we found Herbert M. Hill, P.A. they wanted to grow their reach, and find traction on Google. That’s just what we helped them with.

Client Background

Herbert M Hill PA

Herbert M. Hill, P.A is an Orlando based law firm that extends its services throughout the whole state of Florida. The law firm handles a number of claims, including Long Term and Short Term Disability benefits, medical benefits, retirement benefits, termination agreements, and claims that occur from private disability policies.

The Challenge

Herbert M. Hill, P.A. wanted to increase their Google ranking, so they were (and are) more discoverable on online search engines. So we went to work to optimize and reoptimize their site so it could be more discoverable.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your site can be found on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Though, the most important site to optimize for is Google, since Google is 63.4 percent of all online search queries.

And when it comes to mobile search in the US, Google is 93 percent of all search queries.   

SEO involves the use of keywords, which are the words people type into Google. These are how you optimize your site pages so that they will appear at the top of Google when searching. You can do research to find the right keywords, which is just what we did for Herbert M. Hill, PA.

We used Google’s Keyword Planner to find the specific keywords that would help our client. Once we found the keywords, we would reoptimize the content they wrote by using keywords that were relevant to their content and their particular field.


As I said, with marketing, consistency is key. We were able to see a steady increase in web traffic, as well as their rankings on Google.

With Google rankings, we started to see Herbert Hill, PA. begin to progressively improve on page results.

Herbert M Hill PA

Not only did their site start ranking better, soon many of the keywords for Long Term and Short Term Disability benefits were ranking on the first page of Google.

We also were seeing them pop up on map results at the top, which significantly improves results.

Herbert M Hill PA

Data Analysis

Keeping track of how each keyword did was our prerogative. It’s important to see how you are doing.

We check each keyword two times per month for this client to see how they’re ranking on Google, that way you can discover what’s working and what needs refining.

Client Summary and Forecast

Based on the growth of Herbert M Hill, PA., the future forecast looks to be clear blue skies. If Herbert M Hill, PA. continues along this path, their online exposure and rankings will surely increase.

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