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Case Study: How We Are Helping A Roofer Book 3 Months In Advance

Case Study: How We Are Helping A Roofer Book 3 Months In Advance

Case Study: How we're helping a roofer book 3 months in advance

Case Study: How We Are Helping A Roofer Book 3 Months In Advance

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When it comes to marketing, having a consistent strategy and plan is the key to success. When we came across Over The Top Roofers, they wanted to jump on the consistency bandwagon and that’s just what we helped them do.

When we first started working with Over The Top Roofers out of Windermere they had a great reputation and success already. But, they wanted more. We started out with a website and progressed to more. Here’s how we’re helping them book 3 months in advance from 2 weeks out last year.

Client Background

Over The Top Roofers started and built up their reputation with very little digital marketing efforts. Their efforts were from the two owners, Jim and Gregg and their amazing and versatile office staff. They had a website they couldn’t log into and also had a very limited online presence.

The Challenge

Jim approached me from meeting at a networking group to help them do some work. We sat down with him and his staff and came up with a game plan. They wanted to redo their website, keep their logo, integrate social media marketing and also SEO and review marketing.

They wanted to increase their visibility online through other sites such as Next Door and Angie’s List. We also needed to make sure that the main office number was online, not their cell phones, which, once again, was how they started their business.


In order to help Over The Top Roofers, we implemented a full-out marketing strategy. We redesigned their website, added SEO for keywords that people actively search, implemented social media marketing and ads, review management and keeping an eye on and looking over other related websites such as Next Door and Yelp.

With this strategy, people are now seeing their materials online and via social media. One thing that helps immensely is online reviews. We created a review campaign that asks past clients for reviews. We’ve increased their online review significantly through this program.


Due to the marketing that we’ve implemented over the past year, Over The Top Roofers is now booking three months in advance. We touched base in January to see how everything was going and they said last year compared to this year was a huge change. Last year they were booking two weeks in advance and this year they’re booking three months in advance!

Data Analysis

Not only have we helped their bookings, but their interactions and awareness on social media went from non-existent to interactive. The office also says that they are getting more and more inquiries from online than they have before.

Client Summary and Forecast

Based on the growth of this client, the future is a forecast of bright and thriving skies. If Over The Top Roofers continues along this path, their awareness will increase as well as their online exposure.

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