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Case Study: How Our Work As An Orlando Small Business Marketing Agency Grew An Attorney’s Presence

Case Study: How Our Work As An Orlando Small Business Marketing Agency Grew An Attorney’s Presence

Case Study: How Our Work As An Orlando Small Business Marketing Agency Grew An Attorney’s Presence

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If growing the number of leads from your digital marketing is the priority for your business, this case study is for you! We’re outlining the strategy that our Orlando business marketing agency uses to average over 40 leads a month for one of our law firm clients.

When it comes to generating leads online there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into a winning strategy. Ours starts with a consultation call to understand your needs and goals. Then, we craft a custom strategy that helps your business show up when and where your clients are actually searching for you.  

When this legal client first looked for an Orlando business marketing agency and found us, we knew that a local SEO strategy would help them achieve their desired results. And, reflected by the title of this study, it’s working quite well! Here are just a few highlights to show for the last two years of growth earned by maintaining that consistent local SEO strategy

Orlando small business marketing agency-Case Study Statistics


  • 131 Keywords ranking on Google 
  • 737 total site goal completions…aka leads! 
  • 247 goal completions from organic search traffic… aka leads directly from SEO!
  • 75% increase in website traffic 
  • 199 goal completions from Google Business Profile traffic 
  • 653 general interest form submissions 
  • 133K views on their Google Business Profile pages from all three locations in the state 
  • 2,434 website visits from their Google Business Profile page from all three locations in the state 


Talk about ROI for your digital marketing spend, right? Now let’s unpack the strategy we used as an Orlando small business marketing agency to get these results. 


Step One: Add Clear Calls To Action Throughout The Website 

When it comes to updating the look and feel of your website, it can be quite the undertaking if you don’t know where to start. Especially if you haven’t thought twice about your website since it launched – now’s the time to change that! Our SEO package allots time for monthly website updates to continue converting users into leads. We recommend adding clear calls to action throughout your website, but if you’re ready for a complete reboot, we can rebuild it as well! 


Step Two: Consistent Website + Google Business Profile Updates 

Like the monthly website updates mentioned above, we also offer Google Business Profile maintenance as part of our SEO package. Optimizing your listing doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s step one for ranking in local search queries on Google. As your trusted Orlando small business marketing agency, we’ve got the expertise and advice to build a strategy that works. 

Orlando small business marketing agency-Case Study Statistics 2

Step Three: Research, Track, & Optimize Results 

Now here is where the magic of working with an expert Orlando small business marketing agency is best seen. It’s the reporting! We’re speaking to our results and explaining how we got there… but, to get the full effect of working with us, we’ll set aside time each month to review your report with you, to ensure you understand the metrics we’re tracking and how everything is performing. We’re not going to keep doing something if it isn’t working for you so that open communication and consistent optimization is where our SEO strengths shine. 


While this is the overview of how we helped this client, it has taken time. The results of an SEO strategy are best understood after a few years of traction. This seems like ‘only a few things to do’ but in reality, it takes time and a lot of research, writing, and monitoring. Plus, why would we give away all of our secrets?! 


If you’re eager to try a similar local SEO approach for your business and grow your reach in your local area, schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with us to get started! 

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