Case Study: How We’re Helping an Author Sell Her Book Through Social Media

Case Study: How We’re Helping an Author Sell Her Book Through Social Media

Case Study: How We’re Helping an Author Sell Her Book Through Social Media

Case Study: How We’re Helping an Author Sell Her Book Through Social Media

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Digital marketing is a great resource to utilize when it comes to spreading the word about your business. However, this type of marketing strategy takes time and patience. Here’s a case study about how we helped an author sell her book with social media. 

What many businesses don’t realize is that it’s a slow burn; results will happen but they’re not always as “instant” as you’d like them. Marketing is about building a sturdy foundation and working from there.  

Client Background

Christy Wilson Delk is a former franchisee with 15 years of experience. She bought her franchise in 1996 after selling her home and cashing out her 401k. In 2012, she sold her franchise, a Kids ‘R’ Kids Academy for a large amount. Since that time, Wilson Delk has become a professor at Rollins College and recently published her book, Adventures in Franchise Ownership.

The Challenge

Wilson Delk finalized her book late last year and has been trying to raise awareness by obtaining pre-orders in 2018. We developed a social media strategy that has helped increase her followers, social engagement, and obtain reviews for the book before it was released in October.


When your audience is actively using social media on a regular basis, creating content for them to consume is a high priority. However, you also need to be interacting with your audience once the content is posted. Interaction and engagement are just as much of a priority as posting to social media on a consistent basis.Christy Wilson Delk

Engagement is one of the biggest factors in growing an audience on social media. For Wilson Delk, we created social posts and a campaign for several of her social media platforms and developed a weekly growth strategy based around audience interaction. Once per week, we spent 30 minutes to 1 hour searching for franchises or people with similar interests to engage with on social media.


As a result of being consistent with posting content and utilizing a weekly growth strategy, we helped Wilson Delk grow her followers to nearly 1,400 on LinkedIn, nearly 1,500 on Twitter, and nearly 550 on Instagram.

Due to this growth in social media, we’ve already seen several reviews on Amazon and pre-orders for Adventures in Franchise Ownership.Christy Wilson Delk

Data Analysis

We check Wilson Delk’s social media accounts on a daily basis and record the increase of followers once per week. Checking in daily allows us to look at posts that are doing well, engage with people who interact with these posts, and make sure everything is running smooth.

Client Summary and Forecast

Based on the growth for Wilson Delk, and the amount of pre-orders of her book, this campaign has been a steady success. However, book promotion doesn’t end with the release of a book. We’ll continue this strategy and add to it as we help spread the word about Adventures in Franchise Ownership for Christy Wilson.

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