Case Study: How We Grew An Instagram Account To Over 30,700 Followers

Case Study: How We Grew An Instagram Account To Over 30,700 Followers

Case Study: How We Grew An Instagram Account To Over 30,700 Followers

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Growing Instagram accounts is never easy, but here’s our case study on how we were able to grow a couple of accounts over four and a half years to over 30,000 followers.

Client Background

When we first started the company, I was looking for fun and creative ways to cross-promote my new company. After some thought, and a lot of brainstorming, I decided to create Instagram accounts that were focused on Orlando. I wanted to share what was happening, make it a place for those who had moved out of Orlando to remember where they grew up and also to show that Orlando wasn’t just about Disney. 

The Challenge

I started from zero followers and no one knowing my company or who I was. I started them as “ghost” accounts so that I could grow them organically over time. 


The solution was consistently posting and posting very high-quality images. We use images from locals and give them credit on the accounts to help them gain exposure and to help the pages maintain the level of photography we’ve used in the past. This enabled us to share other’s content while sharing the ‘goodwill’ which is what we wanted to throughout the accounts. 


On one of the accounts, we just hit 30,700 followers. It’s been all about consistency, posting great images and posting things that are relevant to the people who follow the accounts. We have a total of six accounts that we’re managing. In the Central Florida area alone, they have over 80,000 followers and an average impression rate of 37,000 people per month per account. 

Data Analysis

2014: 0 followers, 0 impressions

2020: 30,000 followers & 24,000 impressions each week 

Summary & Forecast 

Each week, we get approximately 150-200 new followers, so they’re growing at a rapid rate and continue to see improvement in interaction according to the photos we post. Ultimately, we’ll add in different levels of the accounts so we can showcase events and promotions to help locals gain exposure.

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