Case Study: How We Helped A Client Go From 0 to Over 32 Keywords Ranking #1 on Google

Case Study: How We Helped A Client Go From 0 to Over 32 Keywords Ranking #1 on Google

Case Study: How We Helped A Client Go From 0 to Over 32 Keywords Ranking #1 on Google

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When I first started my company, I was nervous about my ability to deliver great results to businesses. I was working on South Street & Co. as my side-hustle and really wasn’t sure if it would turn into a full-time gig. However, as soon as my clients and I started seeing results- I was hooked.

Almost five years ago, I got my first client. Her website was confusing and needed to be cleaned up, even before we started her plan. The plan that I came up with for her was SEO, social media and website updates.


Client Background

The client, who is still a client today, is a trichologist and was just nominated as Trichologist of the Year– how incredible! Her goal was to get more clients to convert online to contact her.

Just in case you’re not familiar with trichology, which I was not, it’s the natural regrowth of hair. So, her target market is women who have had hair loss, overcome cancer, have alopecia and more. Her clients are also men who suffer from hair loss.

It’s extremely important for people to feel comfortable and welcome when coming to her because it’s very personal to lose your hair, and to openly admit it. We wanted to make her website appealing by sharing her story of how she helps people and how she gives people amazing results and their lives back.


The Challenge

The challenge was to get her to appear online when people searched “Hair Loss Bradenton,” or any other similar keyword.

Upon initial analysis, she didn’t come up at all. She also didn’t have updated content and her competitors were appearing more frequently.

She wanted to outrank them and to convert more online.



Her goal was to come up in the #1 position whenever you Google’d, “Hair Loss,” “Trichology,” and “Trichologist.”

She also wanted to target Sarasota, Tampa, St. Pete, and Bradenton.



The solution was to optimize all of the pages for her to come up in the search ranks. I looked back to 2015 and here’s a screenshot of how well she was doing just since February the year before:



Her results have been amazing since we’ve started. Here’s a screenshot of how many keywords are not only on the first page, but in the #1 position:

Summary & Forecast

Off 5th Avenue Salon is thriving online. If you Google Tampa Trichologist, she’s also coming up in the #1 position and on the first page of Google, which has significantly more traffic than Bradenton traffic.

Not only that, but she’s also getting significant traffic online and conversions and phone numbers for new people who are finding her online.

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