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What is a buyer persona, and why should you care? Buyer personas are a hypothetical and accurate representation of your ideal consumer. Targeting these specific personas for any marketing strategy is crucial for achieving overall business goals.

If you don’t understand the people or businesses you’re selling to, you could be marketing to the wrong people! Keep in mind that you don’t have to develop marketing strategies on your own. Contact an Ocala digital marketing agency who are the experts in this field


The first step to understanding your target audience is to conduct a buyer persona workshop with your team. If this seems daunting, don’t worry. It’s a fancy way of saying, ‘have a meeting!’ 

Hold a meeting with your marketing and sales teams to discuss detailed questions about the people or businesses you want to reach. You can also make the workshop a team-bonding event! When information is more digestible in an easy and fun way, it’s more likely to resonate.

Some key questions to ask about your target audience are:

  • What are some of the typical demographics you see in your consumers? Discuss where they’re located, ages, gender, interests, etc. 
  • Who are the key decision-makers? Talk about their job titles and the people in the roles they report to. 
  • What’s their buying process? Understand your customer’s sales funnel. It’s key to connecting with them at every stage of their buyer journey. 

This information may seem personal, but it will benefit your business by making sure you understand who will invest in your company. There’s also no need to worry about asking the right questions! Here’s a free target audience persona template you can use from an Ocala digital marketing agency. 

Online Behaviors 

It’s not only essential to understand who your buyer personas are demographically but also digitally. When you develop a marketing strategy that has your consumers’ online behaviors in mind, it can help you think about what influences them to buy. Attracting more qualified leads that convert into customers is always beneficial. 

A successful marketing strategy will create content that caters to your customers’ challenges and provides solutions. This process can be time-consuming, and an Ocala digital marketing agency can assist with these services. We can help you develop and execute a customized marketing strategy with measurable results to help your business grow. 

Some key questions to ask about your target audience’s online behaviors include:

  • Which social media channels do they use to find information online
  • Do they use separate social media channels recreationally?
  • What are some common keywords they used to search for your type of products or services?
  • Where does your website receive the most traffic?   

Ocala digital marketingDoes your company rely on social media for bringing in qualified leads? Save time by using a social media analytics software that reads and reports on all data types while being user-friendly. Spend less time understanding the data and focus more on your goals. Many data analytics tools are available online to review and report your consumers’ web traffic, engagement, and more.

Remember, anyone can be a paying customer. Now more than ever, it’s essential to be inclusive of all different needs people have when browsing online – including those with disabilities. Ensure your website includes an effortless user experience and easy navigation through automated web accessibility solutions. It’s designed to be simple because they don’t require coding, and it scans areas of your website for improvement.   

Connect With Consumers Today 

If you’re looking for marketing assistance, the first step is to contact an agency that can help your business dive deeper into its target audience. 

Working with a capable Ocala digital marketing agency can help you find the right audience including:

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