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If you’ve been considering adding SEO to your website, there’s a lot to know. But don’t worry! Our Apopka SEO agency can help you steer clear of these myths and start watching your rankings rise.

If you’re in the loop on Google tech talk, you know that the algorithms for ranking pages are constantly changing. SEO or search engine optimization is a moving target. If you aren’t educating yourself almost daily, you can miss some important new features. 

SEO experts even argue among themselves about what Google thinks is important and what is a myth. Our Apopka SEO agency team is here to bust some myths and get you on the right SEO track.

Myth #1: SEO Is A One-And-Done Job

Let’s say you’ve learned all the how-tos of SEO. You’ve researched your keywords, optimized your pages, and crawled your links. You’re done, right? Now you can sit back and watch your website rise to the top. Unfortunately, that isn’t the best strategy. 

SEO isn’t a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process that you must continuously work on in order to see real results. Google rewards quality content that aims to help people solve their problems. Writing one blog post doesn’t show that you’re in it for the right reasons. 

Google creates these algorithms to track authority and quality. A website with more quality content will typically rank higher than one with less, inferior content. So, keep plugging away! Or better yet, let our Apopka SEO agency do it for you.

Myth #2: SEO Is A Quick Fix For Low Rankings

You could launch your website full of content and have all of the SEO boxes checked. You wait and wait and nothing happens to your rankings. Why? SEO can take months, or longer, to really pay off. That’s why you must stay on top of it consistently. 

If you let the experts take over your SEO, you may see quicker results simply because we know all of the Google tips and tricks that you may not. And that’s why we’re here. You can focus on growing your business and we can focus on growing your online presence.

Myth #3: Keyword Research Isn’t That Important

What is a keyword exactly? A keyword is a search term that Google places value on based on how many people are searching for it. You can look to third-party companies to see how they think a particular keyword is doing in a particular time period.

Apopka SEO Agency


Searching for keywords is vital to the success of your SEO campaign. And like SEO, keyword research is not a one-time thing. Our team of Apopka SEO agency keyword connoisseurs works with several vetted sites to validate the value of each and every keyword we use for our clients. And we do it monthly for all of our clients, constantly checking search volume, difficulty, and several other factors to give our clients the best keywords for their business.

Sound like a lot of work? You’re right; it is. But we’re great at it and we love it!

Myth #4: You Should Spend As Much Time Creating Content As You Do On SEO

This one might surprise you because we all know how important terrific content is. The truth is, even a fabulous, helpful, compelling piece of content will get you nowhere without an SEO strategy. Experts say you should spend about 25% of your time creating content and a whopping 75% on SEO. 

That said, you shouldn’t skimp on content quality. You still need to write great copy, use high-resolution images, use a grammar-check tool, and offer your potential clients value. The value in your content will ultimately help your SEO efforts, and vice versa. If you’d rather spend your time building your business and working with your customers, we can handle the entire 100% for you – content and SEO.

Myth #5: Quantity Of Links Is Better Than Quality

If you know anything about SEO, you know that building links in your content is a great way to get your pages noticed by Google. But don’t add links for the sake of adding links. Just like the quality of your content is a driving factor of your success, so is the quality of your links. It’s better to have fewer links to authoritative sites than to have more links to less valuable, less authoritative sites. When in doubt, err on the side of value.

There are many myths out there about SEO, and honestly, a lot of them are confusion about how Google’s algorithm is working at any particular time. We are all learning all the time. And we put those best practices into play for ourselves and for our clients every day. 

When you’re ready to have a conversation about how our Apopka SEO agency can help boost your online presence, contact South Street & Co. to set up a complimentary consult with our team so we can discuss what we can do for you.