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As a social platform many companies don’t think about, having a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy can help grow your business significantly. Here’s how:

Remember that Six Degrees of Separation theory that came out in the ’90s? With social media, the theory has considerably shrunk! The world has become smaller, and the opportunities to connect with potential clients or customers has grown exponentially. 

One platform that can be significantly overlooked by entrepreneurs or businesses is LinkedIn– which is a missed opportunity. LinkedIn has over 610 million users and almost 40% of those users are on the platform daily. That is a BIG opportunity to connect with others. 

Having a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy is of great benefit, so here are some steps to making your marketing work harder for you:

1. Create a Company Page

You can’t start connecting with people on LinkedIn until you’re actually on LinkedIn. Start with your name or business name and make sure to add a photo. This is an essential step because many don’t feel they need to add a picture. You want your image to be recognizable and showcase your brand in a really engaging way. 

The same goes for your about section. Showcase what your company does in a way that would draw people in and encapsulates your brand. Add in your business information and website, so people have a way to look into your work and can contact you if they wish to pursue your services. 

2. Share Your Voice

LinkedIn users are there for the content! The platform is mainly used for business news, growth, and education, so be present and willing to share knowledge. You can write blog posts, articles, post pictures, and add headlines to your page, and you want to be utilizing all those functions. 

Pro Tip: videos get the most engagement! At least once a week, videos should be added to your LinkedIn marketing strategy. These videos should be uniquely branded to you with eye-catching visuals. With so many users, you want to stand out from the crowd. You also want to publish meaningful, lesson-driven insights that set you out as the industry leader and go-to expert in your field. 

LinkedIn Marketing

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3. Join Groups

Search for groups in your niche and join in on the conversation. Groups are a great way to get noticed from people already interested in your field. By adding your voice to the conversation, you will grow your network quickly and with valuable leads. 

It’s also a great way to ask and answer questions about your field. You are further promoting yourself as the industry leader. Not seeing the exact group to fit your business? Create your own group! Invite people you think may be interested and start the conversation. 

4. Stay Engaged With Followers

Inmail is a great way to keep up continued communication with people. Whether they are people you look to as mentors or people you may be mentoring, it’s a great tool to use. Take the time daily to go through notifications and keep up with new job and birthday notifications. 

By sending a private message, you will create meaningful engagement that will keep people closer in your circle. A study was done and showed that inmail has 3x the response rate of traditional email, so it’s an incredibly useful tool to have at your disposal. 

LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn is all about building connections. Whether they are mentors for your business or potential clients, having a strong LinkedIn marketing plan is to your advantage. Have meaningful conversations and connect with people– and then watch as your business soars! Need help with your marketing strategy? Let’s chat! We can help you build a profile that stands out from the crowd.