Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Orlando SEO Companies

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Orlando SEO Companies

Orlando SEO Companies

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Orlando SEO Companies

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Understanding the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO) is no easy feat. Here are a few marketing lessons you can learn from Orlando SEO companies.

Let’s be honest, do you actually understand search engine optimization? It’s totally okay–we’ve all been there. I remember it took me about six months to fully grasp the concept, and ins and outs of SEO. That was five years ago when I started my digital marketing profession, and I’m still learning every day. To be fair, to both of us, it doesn’t help that Google likes to change algorithms that deem a page to have positive or negative SEO value. However they choose to tweak their algorithm, there are a few things that I’ve noticed have remained fairly consistent throughout my years working in Orlando SEO companies. 

But first, let’s get a basic understanding of search engines. 

  1. Search Engines are simply tools that help us find what we’re looking for – whether it’s a quick answer, business, product, etc.
  2. Search engines are designed to generate results that best answer the query you’re searching for. 

That being said, a search engine’s algorithm is based on what you, the user, are searching for. 

One of the reasons that Google happens to beat Bing and other search engines is because they have the more advanced and sophisticated algorithms that give you the best results and user experience.

The following are a few consistent marketing lessons I’ve seen throughout my years working in Orlando SEO companies. 

1. Having a Google My Business Page

This is simply a snapshot of your business where people can easily find your hours, address, contact info, and reviews. You can see ours as an example in the image below. 

Orlando SEO Companies

Aside from creating your Google My Business page, you should be optimizing it and contributing to it as often as possible. Think of it like a social media site, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here are just a few ways you can keep it updated:

  • Add questions and answers
  • Add posts. *Pro-tip–include calls to action that link back to your website
  • Post photos to keep it fresh



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2. Keyword Research & Placement

SEO magic all starts with a keyword, which is simply the term or search query people are typing into the search bar. The longer you make it, the more specific it will be. 

Whichever keyword research tool, such as Google Ads, that you’re using, make sure that you choose keywords that you are ranking for. For example, you should choose keywords that are high in search volume with low or medium competition.

Where you place them throughout your copy and the page itself also matters. You don’t want to write them excessively, but you want to naturally include them throughout your text. 

You’ll also want to include them into your text headings and in the page title, as well. Other places you should include them in are the meta description, image, alt text, URL and title tags.

3. Publish More Content With The Help Of Orlando SEO Companies 

‘On-page SEO,’ such as keyword placement and links, does affect your domain authority, but so does the amount of content and pages you’re publishing. However, a word of caution, you shouldn’t publish content just to publish content. 

It should be keyword-focused, quality content related to your industry. This not only helps boost your domain authority, but it also increases your brand identity and positions you as a thought leader and expert within your industry. You can also easily avoid careless typos with Grammarly

I know that’s a lot of information, so if you’re new to SEO, be sure to download our free SEO Guide: 7 Essential Google Ranking Factors

Need a little help getting started on your SEO strategy? Schedule a 30-minute chat to learn how we can help your business grow today! 

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