Marketing Strategy Consult Call with Kaitlyn Study

Are you struggling to figure out your marketing strategy or where to go?

I’m here to help

Starting a business is hard. You’re wearing multiple hats and you want to make sure everything’s running smoothly- I get it. But when it comes to marketing, you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s where I come in.

I’ve consulted with clients in need of Instagram help, SEO direction, gaining new followers through social media, setting up a marketing plan, creating a consistent message, and helping their message reach their target audience.

Do you need someone to

  • Point you in the right direction with your business marketing
  • Provide feedback on your current SEO keyword rankings or social media marketing reach
  • Evaluate your overall plan for optimizing your website’s SEO or social media marketing content
  • Discuss your social media strategies, including hashtag research and evaluate if they’re working
  • Provide you with feedback for your website & help increase your conversions
  • Provide helpful, actionable tips so you can be more amazing at marketing
  • Save you time by answering specific questions to problems unique to your business
  • Help you start a marketing plan you can stick with

We’re going to dive deep into your marketing strategy together

To create a plan to grow your business, leaving you feeling excited to take the next steps!

Book a 1-hour video consultation with me, Kaitlyn, the owner and creative director at South Street & Co. We’ll help overcome your marketing needs and take full advantage of all of our efforts.

Here’s what you get

  1. Evaluation of your website with detailed suggestions for improvement
  2. A complete review of your SEO OR social media strategy
  3. Keyword suggestions for your SEO strategy OR a review of your social media marketing images and the content you’re sharing to help capture your audience’s attention
  4. Tips for saving you a lot of time & how to repurpose your content across multiple platforms
  5. Recommendations for programs to help you automate processes
  6. Ideas to generate more exposure through SEO or social media
  7. Video call recording for the ability to re-watch our call

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