Transform Your Orlando Local Marketing Strategy With SEO – It’s Easier Than You Think

Transform Your Orlando Local Marketing Strategy With SEO – It’s Easier Than You Think

Transform Your Orlando Local Marketing Strategy With SEO – It’s Easier Than You Think

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An Orlando local marketing strategy has a few goals, but most of them revolve around getting customers through your door and new leads calling you for services. SEO (search engine optimization) is the game-changer you need.

There’s more to giving your business a digital presence than just having a website. Sure, you’re going to be there for potential customers to find while they’re browsing the internet, but how many people are actually going to find you on the 50th page of Google? The best (and probably the only reliable) way to fix that problem is with a carefully-planned Orlando local marketing strategy that includes a heavy dose of SEO (search engine optimization).

An Orlando Local Marketing Strategy Is Built On SEO

Plan, Plan, Plan

While there’s a lot of work that goes into content creation, you can spend all of the time in the world writing blogs and keeping the pages on your website current with no payoff for your effort if you haven’t spent any time planning first. 

And by planning, we mean researching keywords. Keywords are what you need to include on your website landing pages and other content so that search engines (and your potential customers) know what your website is all about. 

How do you know what your customers are searching for? A good start is to begin making a list of very basic topics that relate to the service or product that your business offers. These should be very short keywords. For example, if you run a local ice cream shop, one of these short-tail keywords may be as simple as “ice cream shop,” and include the city that your shop is located in. 

You can also find some great long-tail keywords. A good way to find these is by searching for shorter keywords on Google and looking at what Google autocompletes in the search bar. Or, you could scroll to the bottom of the results page and see what search suggestions show up there. 

Create Optimized Content

Now that you know what your customers are searching for, you can start creating optimized pages and blogs for your website. Your shorter, core keywords are typically ones that you might create individual service pages for. 

The longer keywords are perfect for all of that blog content you’re creating! If we keep following the ice cream shop theme, they might include “best ice cream flavors,” or “local ice cream shops,” and other similar phrases. 

Don’t forget to include these keywords a few times in your content (but not too much), use headers, internal links, and some high-quality images too. 

Make Sure Your Website Is User-Friendly

SEO is about more than just keywords, and if you want to use this as part of your Orlando local marketing strategy, you need your website to provide a great user experience. If your website isn’t loading quickly, is full of bulky images, and is generally not easy to navigate, that’s going to downgrade where it shows up on search engine results pages and negatively affect all of your SEO efforts. 

Monitor Your Results

A great way to monitor your website performance is through Google Analytics. You can track organic traffic, see what content is doing well, find websites that are linking to yours, and more.

Sound Like A Lot Of Work? That’s Why We’re Here

If you started feeling a little tired just reading this, that’s okay, it’s exactly why we do what we do. As a small business owner you have enough on your plate, and spending your limited free time creating and regularly updating an optimized website probably doesn’t sound too appealing. 

Bring in the experts for your Orlando local marketing strategy. You can set up a free 30-minute call with us, or fill out our online contact form. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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