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One of our specialties at South Street & Co. is SEO, SEO, SEO! We love helping our clients rank with quality keywords and blog content so they can focus on their business. Blog writing services can help promote your business’ unique attributes, products, connect with your audience, and acquire new customers.

Save Time

We know you’re busy running your business, so you probably have a long to-do list to get through every day. When you hire marketing experts (like us!) to take care of blog writing services, that’s one less thing on your to-do list and one more thing to help you attract new customers!

We’ll discuss your goals, ideal customer, and where you want to find customers to create a customized marketing strategy. We’ll complete all the footwork in researching keywords that work for your business, write the blog content, find photos that work well with the topic (or use your original photos!), and we’ll track keyword movement. All of these tasks are vital for a successful blog strategy, which is our job to check and double-check!

Find New Customers

Blog writing servicesBy strategizing your blog writing services, you have the opportunity to attract new customers. Your customers can find you by searching for services related to your business online, by word-of-mouth, and online reviews. Writing consistent blog content is key to getting on Google’s good side to helping your business rank well and get in front of more customers online.

On top of frequently publishing blog content, we’ll work with you to create effective calls to action, known as CTAs. Your CTAs should entice and engage your customers to act on your products or services. 

For example, if you own a bakery and you offer a special discount once a week, we would work that into your blog content and website with buttons, linked text, and more information on the discount.

Repurpose Your Content

Blog writing services can go beyond your website. You can share your blog content with different audiences throughout social media, live videos, and email marketing. Some of your audience might spend the majority of their time on Instagram while another portion of your audience prefers to receive personalized content in their email inbox. 

Repurposing your blog content for a variety of online platforms can help you expand your audience reach. If you’re unsure about where to start in repurposing your content, Kaitlyn created an entire online course to walk you through this step-by-step!

Track Results

Blog writing is more than creating content. It also involves tracking keyword rankings, analyzing results, and adjusting the strategy to continue improving. We use a few different websites to keep track of this information and present it to you in an easily digestible format. 

Moz is our number one keyword tracker. It helps us keep an eye on your keyword rankings (going from 51st to 1st on Google!), categorize by location, tag ‘main focus’ keywords, and receive a weekly report that shows us the keyword ranking changes. You’ll receive keyword reports delivered to you in a monthly report, along with your other metrics like social media and email marketing stats.

We care about our clients and their progress, so we also set up a monthly meeting to discuss what’s working and what we’ll need to adjust to ensure we’re on track with your goals.

Questions About Blog Writing Services?

There’s still so much more information to cover, so we understand if you still have questions. Fill out the form below to schedule a call with Kaitlyn and she’ll be happy to discuss blog writing services tailored to your small business marketing!

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