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Standing out on social media is no easy feat. Here are some social media resources you should be utilizing to your advantage!

1: Pinterest 

Social Media ResourcesLet me start by emphasizing the importance of Pinterest in everyday life. Regardless of the industry you’re in, you can count on Pinterest to fill that creative void you’ll inevitably experience when trying to diversify your brand. Don’t know the proper verbiage for a social media post? Pinterest. Want to make your Instagram feed look more aesthetically appealing? Pinterest. Want to learn how to add filters to your photos? Pinterest. 

You get the gist. Every week of every month, I do some pretty heavy researching and brainstorming on Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing. I like to look for industry-related ideas for our clients to bring something new to the table and oftentimes, an idea that I find on Pinterest ends up sparking an entirely different concept. While I’m not encouraging you to mimic exact findings, it’s a healthy practice to do some creative research to avoid becoming stagnant with your brand.  

2: Explore Page On Instagram 

If your competitor down the road has a better IG feed than you, use the explore page to come up with new ideas you can mirror! In order to organically curate your explore page to show you posts that relate to your brand, be sure to do a lot of hashtag research directly on Instagram. 

Start by pulling up the search bar and clicking on the ‘Tags’ tab. Here, you can include hashtags that are related to your brand or business. For instance, it would be beneficial for us to look up hashtags like: #SocialMediaMarketing, #SmallBusinesses, #SEOAgency, #PrintDesign, etc. From there, Instagram will have learned the kind of content we’re interested in and they’ll curate similar posts to appear on our explore page at our convenience. Take full advantage of these free social media resources!

3: Subscribe To Industry Newsletters 

You’re in a creative rut and you don’t know what to do to make your brand stand out among competitors. It happens to the best of us! When you find yourself in this situation, do your research to find businesses in your industry that you respect and admire. These businesses can be in-state or out of the country, but the idea is to learn from their marketing tactics to inspire something in your brand. 

And once you find some positive examples, subscribe to their newsletters! The information found in newsletters typically dives a little deeper into the brand and its personality. You can learn a lot of interesting tips, ideas and business practices to implement for your own business. Think of it as staying up-to-date within your industry and always looking to add layers to your brand! 

I hope these social media resources will help you to spice up your marketing in the future. For more tips and tricks, check out our toolbox page! For more in-depth marketing expertise, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Kaitlyn below:

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