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Take advantage of the blog portion of your website and start your Winter Garden blog today!


Why is a blog section so important? Normally, your blog is where you are able to talk more about your products or services. But, that’s not all, Winter Garden blogging can produce a HUGE increase in the number of visitors to your website when using the following tips.


Short & Sweet

People don’t like to read…(you know it’s true) so your blog posts can be as short as 300 words. That is shorter than half the emails I send! For example, if you love finding new coffee shops in your city you can choose 2-3 different coffee shops and write about your opinion for each and you will easily hit 300 words! (This paragraph is already 68 words!)



With your Winter Garden blogging, you should narrow down topics that you feel you are relatable to write about. This is about your target market and who’s looking at your blog.

Winter Garden Blogging

When you start a blog, you should make sure you have a clear list of topics to cover so when it comes to writing you don’t have to think of a new topic every time out of the blue. If you make sure you find what you write about interesting, others will want to read it.



Making a schedule on how you will start your Winter Garden blogging is extremely important when getting into your routine. Even if it is a small goal like starting with two blog posts a month that’s better than setting an unreasonable and unreachable goal. You have to start somewhere at first. Below I’ve listed the important things to schedule.

What You Should Schedule

  • A day per month to come up with blog topics
  • How many blogs you will post per month
  • The time of day you want blogs to post
  • The specific days you want blogs to post (For us, we post new blogs Tues & Thurs)

Winter Garden Blogging

As you can see we are each responsible for two blogs per month the cities are going to be part of our keywords.


Keywords are words that you feel your target market would search in Google to find you. For example, if you’re a soap company in Winter Garden someone might search “Winter Garden homemade soap.” When you start your Winter Garden blogging, you should make sure to add words like “Winter Garden” and “your expertise or industry” so your website is most likely to appear when someone Googles those keywords.

Here are the keywords I have used for my blogs!

Winter Garden Blogging

I hope these easy tips can help you get your Winter Garden blogging started with successful results!

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