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Want to be listed on the first page of Google? Our Orlando local SEO company, South Street & Co., can help you make the cut.

Everybody knows the best place to hide your most prized possession is the second page of Google. Silly, yes, but all the jokes (and memes) are true!

Here’s proof: Even though 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, 75% of users never scroll past the first page. That’s serious business. 

For obvious reasons, landing the first-page status on search engines is a must— and this is most effectively done through search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO 101

Before I bombard you with more stats on how an Orlando local SEO company like ours can help you outrank your competition, let’s have a quick info session on all things SEO. 

We need to know that Google gives us two ways to make the first page:

  • You can pay through sponsored placement, or…
  • You can have strong SEO game

We like the latter for reasons you’ll discover through this read. The goal of SEO is to make your name most visible in search engine queries without having to pay the ad costs (which typically average $9,000-10,000 a month). In other words, we want to make sure your name is listed at the top when someone performs a search related to your business minus the big bucks— and we do this by using keywords.

Pizza Anyone?

Say you’re a local pizza restaurant owner looking to get more business and stand out from your competition. Through keyword research, which is our area of expertise, we can find that potential customers will likely use the phrase “pizza restaurants in Orlando,” or another similar one, for a Google search.

So, we make sure that exact phrase, along with other keywords or phrases, is incorporated in the content on your website— whether that’s through your URL, web pages, or blogs (which all fall into a content bucket called “on-page SEO,” because the content lives directly on your site).

By using keywords, you’re telling Google that you are sought after, which gets you on its coveted first-page VIP list. And guess what? You didn’t have to spend a cent on Google ads. GOALS.

Orlando Local SEO Company


Another perk is that you don’t have to worry about competing with Domino’s or any of the other bigger players for that first page, because Google has a built-in system that gives a ranking boost to businesses in close proximity to location-specific searches (i.e. when someone mentions “Orlando” in their query, local businesses in the area will pop up first as opposed to larger chains). This mostly happens through the Map listings and your Google My Business page, but don’t worry, we help with that too. 

In addition to creating more visibility, more traffic, and (hopefully) more sales— using SEO positions you as a trusted source in your field simply because you’re not “advertising.” This is the ultimate differentiator between you and your competition, and again, it’s because SEO is organic, not paid.

Outranking your Competition With Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs 

Here at South Street & Co., we don’t only want to position you as a trusted source. We want to make you an industry leader— and we do that through blogs, blogs, and more blogs. 

Orlando Local SEO Company

Why blogs? Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm to ensure that more educational, interesting, relevant, and engaging content—like blogs— are shown first. Again, this is because consumers want to be educated on their purchasing decisions as opposed to being sold to.  

Another reason we push for blogs is because they’re recurring by nature. Google is always looking for new content and will automatically put the fresh stuff on top, so the more you blog (or let us blog for you), the more likely your company’s name will rank high on search engines. 

And by consistently showcasing your knowledge through educational content, you will not only rank high for SEO, but you’ll also become that industry thought leader we were talking about— which will help you build a positive reputation for yourself and even further differentiate you from your competitors.

Outranking your Competition with Backlink Building

Another important strategy worth noting is “off-page SEO”— which differs from “on-page SEO” because this content doesn’t live directly on your website. A key tool in off-page SEO is what’s called “backlink building,” which is a fancy term for getting as many secondary websites as possible to share your content.

This not only helps you rank higher on Google because it gives you more mentions in its database, but it also fuels your expertise as an industry leader and earns you more public trust. It’s like having other sources reference you. 

Some ways to do this include being a guest blogger on other sites, mentioning influencers (so they can mention you back), and creating highly shareable content like graphics and videos that others would be interested in using for themselves. 

Our Orlando Local SEO Company Would Love to Chat

SEO content and keywords are our bread and butter, and it’s our personal goal to boost your visibility on search engines and position you as the industry trendsetter that you already are.

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