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Are you thinking about ways to increase your reach for your small business? Here are four local business marketing services in Boca Del Mar to help you get started. 

Local Business Marketing Services in Boca Del Mar

Local Business Marketing Services in Boca Del Mar

The start of a new year is a great time to think about how to make your business even more successful. There are so many resources out there that refer you to software and programs, tips and trick, and we understand, it can get a bit overwhelming. So, let us help you simplify your search by giving you four local business marketing services in Boca Del Mar that you need for your small business. We want to help you shine and thrive in this new year. 

Social Media 

Oberlo stats show that 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 78.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. That’s a wide range of people. I was talking to someone who owns a landscaping business and mainly uses word of mouth to promote. They said to me, “I know that if I have a platform on social media, I can pull in more clients.” We believe that’s true! Making social media part of your strategy is essential for your small business to reach more potential customers. 

I understand that if you’re new to using social media, it can be overwhelming. There are more than 100+ platforms from which you can choose! However, that doesn’t mean that you have to choose all 100+ sites – that’s impossible anyways! You need to focus on social media sites that are where your target audience is active. You only need to set your business up on those platforms. If you need help identifying your target audience, we have a free downloadable to help guide you through that process.  



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Local Business Marketing Services in Boca Del Mar

Website Design

Did you know that 75% of your website’s credibility comes from the design? It is not only crucial to have a strong social media presence but also a reliable online presence. If you have ever visited a website and thought, “I don’t know if I can trust this business,” and then left the website, it’s probably because of the design. This is why it’s so important that your website is designed well. 

There are a couple of factors that you should consider when working on your website design. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate, easy to read, mobile-friendly, and fits with your brand. Refining these areas will help decrease the bounce rate of your website. This is one of the local business marketing services in Boca Del Mar that will elevate your online presence and reliability. 

Email Marketing

Now that we have covered website design, email marketing is another way to communicate with your target audience. If you don’t already have an email marketing strategy, add this to the list of local business marketing services in Boca Del Mar that you need today! Having a mailing list as one of your marketing services is a consistent way to keep your target audience engaged. You want to invest in this and make it part of your small business marketing strategy

You may be wondering, “How can I get people to sign up for our mailing list?” We love using ConvertKit as a service. It is easy to use and gives you the ability to create customized forms that are branded toward your business and can be used on your website. You can check it out here


Whatever services you offer, blogging can not only help inform your clients on related topics but also help increase your exposure on the internet. 77% of internet users read blogs. This is another one of the local business marketing services in Boca Del mar that can help expand your online reach. As they say, “you can turn those words into sales.” 

When you hire a quality copywriter for your blogs, extensive research is done to ensure that they are interesting and related to what you do as a business. So you won’t have to worry about writing a blog for your services, and can focus instead on running your small business. 

If you’re looking for other local business marketing services in Boca Del Mar that will help elevate your small business, visit our website. If you have more questions about which services would be best for you, book a free 30-minute consultation session and we will be happy to give you some tips!

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