What I Learned As An Intern At An Orlando SEO Firm

What I Learned As An Intern At An Orlando SEO Firm

What I Learned As An Intern At An Orlando SEO Firm

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The passion, knowledge, and creativity of this agency is truly amazing. This Orlando SEO firm is filled with experts who have so much knowledge about digital marketing.

Culture Makes It Easy To Grow

First and foremost, if you’re thinking about applying to South Street & Co. as an intern or an employee, do it! Everyone on the team is there to make sure you have all of the knowledge and tools for success. The supportive and open culture here makes it possible for you to ask questions and receive constructive feedback.

Social Media is More Than Meets The Eye

There are so many more components to a successful social media account than I realized. I spent a lot of my time working on social media content for our sister company Becoming A Local

Hashtag research is one component of social media marketing that I learned more about during my time here. Hashtag research is crucial to the success of your social media content because it helps you to target your ideal audience. Your hashtags should be relevant to your photo, related to your industry, and location-based. This is what we call a hashtag sandwich

Repurposing Valuable Content Is Crucial

Since there are many different content creatives who produce content for different channels, it is important to repurpose your content among all of the platforms you use. Graphics created for email marketing campaigns can be used for social posts and blogs, and vice versa. 

When creating content, it is important to think about other content you have relating to the subject matter. Internal and external links are a great way to showcase any resources or portfolio items. Eye-catching content and graphics deserve to be seen! Someone who is subscribed to your email list might not follow your social media channels, so you want to make sure they are exposed to all of your amazing content.

Marketing Is An Ever Changing Career Field

Since social media is such a big part of marketing campaigns in today’s modern world, everything is subject to change. This internship taught me that marketing newsletters, social media accounts, and podcasts can keep you updated on news in the industry. It seems like Instagram and other platforms are adding new features almost every month. Being aware and able to execute successful content by using new features and following trends on social media platforms gives you a major advantage. 

Overall Impressions

This internship opportunity has been everything promised and more. Kaitlyn and her team truly care about your experience, and the work you produce is important to the business. The passion, knowledge, and creativity of this Orlando SEO firm is truly amazing, and I would 100% recommend them to anyone in need of marketing help. If you’re interested in learning more about what South Street & Co. can do for your business, schedule your FREE 30-minute call today!

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