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If SEO is a new concept for you, we have a team of experts standing by ready to help. Here are our five helpful tips from an Ocala SEO marketing company.

Search Engine Optimization

According to BrightEdge, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. We are and Ocala SEO marketing company and are sharing five essential tips for success in your SEO campaigns. These tips can help you get acquainted with SEO and use it to your advantage.

Tip #1: Increase Internal LinksOcala seo marketing company

Internal links, which is simply linking to other, relevant pages on your website (like linking to our SEO page), are an essential way for readers to navigate and find more information available on your website. 

One way to keep your content fresh is by updating your old content with new links. Not only are you adding new links, but you are ensuring that your content is relevant. Internal links can increase your internal traffic and also decrease your bounce rate. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who leave instead of visiting other pages. Referral traffic is the percentage of your audience that comes to your website from another source. 

Creating this long-form content can be time-consuming, so let an Ocala SEO marketing company, like ours, take the lead and create the high-quality content you need to attract potential customers.

Tip #2: Use Headers

When it comes to long-form content, you should be utilizing H2 and H3 headers. Headers are sub-headings throughout the blog that outline the topic into sub-topics throughout.

The sub-headings in this blog are:

  • H1: 5 Tips For Search Engine Optimization From An Ocala SEO Marketing Company
  • H2: Search Engine Optimization
  • H3: Tip #1: Increase Internal Links
  • H3: Tip #2: Use Headers
  • H3: Tip #3: Eye-Catching Product Pages
  • H3: Tip #4: Fix the 404’s
  • H3: Tip #5: Seek Original Topics
  • H3: Call The SEO Experts

Not only do headers make your content easier to read, they can help you rank on search engine results pages. Your headers should also be optimized for SEO. A good way to ensure you have the right amount of headers (and in the right order) is to create an outline. An outline ensures that your headers are relevant and can help you write long-form content more efficiently. 

Writing isn’t for everyone, so don’t be afraid to outsource your blogging. An Ocala SEO marketing company can make sure that your long-form content is optimized for search engines.

Tip #3: Eye-Catching Product Pages

If your business sells a product, your product pages should include:

  • Reviews from real customers.
  • Lots of photos of your product.
  • Information about the product, such as material and size or dimensions.
  • Video of the product in action.

You may not have time to give your products the marketing strategy they need, and that’s where an Ocala SEO marketing company comes in. They can make sure your content is aesthetically pleasing and optimized.

Ocala seo marketing companyTip #4: Fix the 404’s

Broken links are a major letdown to a potential customer or client who is trying to learn more about your business. There are many SEO tools that can be used to locate these errors such as ScreamingFrog and Ahrefs. Check out these resources we often use for SEO services.

Along with those tools, you can also integrate a 404 page that provides links to other products or pages on your website. If you need help with this you can always reach out to an Ocala SEO marketing company, like us.

Tip #5: Seek Original Topics

Whether you provide products, services, or content creation you should always strive to create fresh and relevant content. Here is a freebie that can help you create eye-catching titles for your original content. Also, avoid rearranging the same terms for keywords. Keywords that are repetitive can actually compete with each other. If keyword research seems daunting, an Ocala SEO marketing company can help.

Call The SEO ExpertsOcala seo marketing company

SEO requires a lot of knowledge and training, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. This freebie contains information on the basics of search engine optimization and its benefits.

Not sure if this is your expertise? Not to worry, it’s ours! Schedule a free consultation with our team, and we can help you apply all of these small business marketing strategies and build your business!


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