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Your Orlando small business needs help with its marketing. Here’s why.

Customers today will learn more about your Orlando small business through social media outlets than they would have 20 years ago through sales calls.  Not only is social media one of the strongest forms of marketing, but Google allows you to have an infinite number of businesses at your disposal. Your audience can be well informed about your company long before they pick up and call your business.

To save money, most businesses owners will revert to the DIY method, where they believe they can handle their business while handling their marketing. Now in the short run that can save you money, but in the long-term, you will not be able to tackle both as they are equally important to each other which in turn, will lose money for your company. Today, I will share why you need a marketing team to assist your marketing efforts!


Marketing today is more than the creative side, which in all honesty is our favorite part! Marketers must be analytical, make data-driven decisions, and provide measurable results. Many companies know and understand the importance of social media marketing, but they rarely measure the return on investment from their social media efforts. From Facebook ads to social media posts, it’s important to receive insight on those campaigns. Not knowing how your marketing is impacting your company will end up costing your time, money and energy. Hiring a marketing team will allow them to worry about the marketing data, and you to worry about handling the day to day tasks of your Orlando small business.

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Your Orlando small business website can make or break your potential customers from becoming visitors to loyal customers. Think of your website as the storefront of your business. If your site is not user-friendly, personalized, or showcase what your brand is all about you will lose the chance of visitors becoming customers. Most people will worry about the design aspect that they forget about the client’s experience on your website being very crucial. Content on your site is also essential to the prospect. Make sure you know your target market to create a call to action button that is relevant to them.

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Your marketing team will make sure that your website is dynamic, relevant, mobile friendly, and keep up with any possible glitches.

Content, Content, Content

With many information being at our disposal having engaging and helpful content will help your Orlando small business more than ever. Companies need to focus on having content online that your audience wants and needs. Content such as blog posts, case studies, and product videos can help businesses become a trusted resource in that particular field and industry.

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With your Orlando small business, we understand that these are major components that cannot be done all in-house. Data, website, and content are just a few of the things that we at South Street & Co. manage for our clients every single day. We strive to set your business apart from the rest and personalize our efforts with your needs. We take pride in being transparent by walking our clients step-by-step through projects.

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