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Have you heard of search engine optimization? Here’s an easy guide to quickly optimize your SEO for your Altamonte Springs marketing.

If you’ve started a website through WordPress, you may have a section at the bottom of a post called “Yoast SEO.” This area can be considered your “SEO professional” to guide you in boosting your search engine optimization results. If you’ve seen this area and had no idea what to do with it, today I’m going to be your personal guide showing you how to use it successfully for your Altamonte Springs marketing blog.

Step 1

So you’ve started a new post and have a blank slate on your WordPress post page, now what? To rank on the first pages of Google, you need a particular keyword that you focus your blog post on. You can choose one that correlates to your business, and one you believe easy to search. If you are a small business in the Altamonte Springs area, you may want your key word to be “ Altamonte Springs Small Business.” As you write your blog, you need to make sure to write that specific keyword throughout the blog seamlessly. You want to ensure it makes sense and people are not confused on why you put that word in a sentence.

Now that your Altamonte Springs marketing blog post is finished, we are ready to use the Yoast plugin!

Step 2

In the Yoast plugin, you will see an area where it says “Focus Keyword.” Place the keyword of your choice here. This way the Yoast plugin knows where the key word is missing on the blog to be optimized.

Altamonte Springs Marketing

Step 3

The first thing you will see is an area at the top of the plug in called “Snippet Preview.” This is what it will look like in Google’s search results. Click on “edit snippet” and write a blurb in the meta description. This is a preview of what you will talk about in the blog post. Make sure to incorporate your keyword in the meta description. To have successfully optimized the SEO, you want to make sure the bar at the bottom is green. Once you are finished, you can close the snippet editor.

Altamonte Springs Marketing

Altamonte Springs Marketing


Step 4

At the bottom of the plug in, you will see colored dots. Think of these as your guidelines to a successful plug in. They will either be red, orange or green. Red means something is missing or not implemented, orange means that it could be improved, and green means it is good to go.

Altamonte Springs Marketing

The goal is to have all the dots green! If you want to make sure your SEO for the post is good, you can also check the top right area. You will see an area that says “SEO,” and if it is green then your post is optimized!

Altamonte Springs Marketing


Optimizing your Altamonte Springs marketing blog post is not hard, you just have to be intentional with your keyword. I hope these tips have helped you learn a little more about SEO and optimizing your posts for the best Google results.

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