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Whether you have a Google My Business listing for your Orlando business, don’t have one but know you need one, or have never even heard of Google My Business – this blog is for you. I’m going to let you in on all the secrets of Orlando Google My Business management so you can start bringing in more business, for free, today!


Let’s go back to that first question. Raise your hand if you have a Google My Business (GMB) listing? Great, you’re halfway there! Now raise your hand if you don’t have a GMB listing but it’s on your to-do list because you know you need one? No judgment here, we know as small business owners it can be hard to keep up with all the little things. Finally, raise your hand if you don’t even know what Google My Business is? Again, no judgment! Everyone starts somewhere. 

Orlando Google My Business Management

What is Google My Business?

To cover the basics first, Google My Business is a platform owned and operated by…you guessed it, Google…that gives businesses another way to be found in Google Search and Google Maps so you can reach and engage with potential new customers. Now we know what you’re wondering, how much does this cost? Well, the best part is that it’s free to set up your Google My Business listing! Want to learn more free ways to market your business? Check out our downloadable for some ideas – and yes, even the downloadable is free!


What Is Orlando Google My Business Management?

We don’t want you to stop at just setting up your listing. The “secret sauce” to Orlando Google My Business management is to treat it like your website or one of your social media platforms. It’s important to make sure it has all of the information about your business that a potential customer might be looking for before getting in contact with you. 

The biggest reason why we’re so passionate about Orlando Google My Business management is that it’s a key factor in local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – aka appearing in local search rankings for terms that your potential customers are searching on Google when in need of your services. This means that if you want to appear first in local search rankings for your industry (aka above your competitors), you need to give your GMB listing some TLC. 

What Does Orlando Google My Business Management Entail?

If we’ve convinced you so far why it’s important to have and manage a GMB listing for your company, stay tuned, because now we’re going to share what you should be doing to manage your listing on an ongoing basis.

Orlando Google My Business ManagementUpdate Photos

A great way to show potential customers more about your business is through photos. You can set up your listing with photos from the beginning, but we also recommend adding at least one photo per month. 

Is your asset library for company photos running a little low? Not to worry! You can use a stock photography tool, like DepositPhotos, to download stock photos that represent your business and industry well until you are able to acquire some branded professional photography


Orlando Google My Business ManagementMonitor and Respond to Reviews

Google reviews are another extremely important ranking factor for SEO. Having a lot of 5-star reviews will help you rank higher on Google (and also look great to anyone who is researching your business), but it’s also important to monitor and respond to those reviews – whether they are positive or negative. 


Orlando Google My Business ManagementPost Regularly

Again, just like posting on social media or writing blogs for your website, consistency is key with Google My Business posting. We recommend one post per week to show that you are engaged, active, and providing the most up-to-date information about your business. And yes, you can totally repurpose content you’ve already written for social media and/or your website on Google My Business. See? You’re already thinking like a marketing pro!


If all of this sounds great but a little overwhelming, you might want to consider hiring an agency to help with your Orlando Google My Business management. You can check out this case study to see how we’ve used a comprehensive SEO strategy, including GMB management, to average 40 leads per month for one of our growing clients (just from SEO!) and grow their rankings on Google. We’d love to help you, too – schedule a free 30-minute call to talk with our team and learn more. 

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