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Summer is here, and for many local companies that could either mean a plateau, or an increase for your business. Whatever the case may be, we are sharing a few Baldwin Park business ideas for the summer.

Networking Events

During the summer it is a perfect time to join networking events. Networking is something you should do whether your business is booming or in a slow season. Connect with your local groups via MeetUp to see what events are coming up this summer. This is a great avenue to meet potential business partners and mentors. This is also a way to get to connect with your community and fellow local businesses.

Baldwin Park Business Ideas

Business Sale

A few great Baldwin Park summer business ideas are to create business sales. Whether you sell a product or service, create some type of promotion for your customers. You can create a package and sell it for a discount, or you can add a service just for the summer. Know your customers, what they like, what they need, and promote as much as possible the summer sale.

Get Creative

If the summer months are usually slower for your business, take the time to get creative! You can use new social media platforms and get creative with graphics, photos, videos, and even “go live” on these social media platforms. Going live means that you can literally record yourself and your audience is able to tune in and comment or ask questions. You can get to know your customers, and they can get to know you. Trying new things during the summer time will allow you to fine tune your social media skills and decide which platform works best for you, and your company.

Baldwin Park Business Ideas

Tip: Set goals for your business like posting once a day, or three times a week, to grow your presence on social media. You can also try posting newer content by posting on an Instagram story, and even start doing contests to expose your brand.

Sponsor an event

There are many events during the summer that are great for Baldwin Park business ideas. From marathons to BBQs, to summer concert events, being a sponsor will expose your business to a wider audience. You can even rent a booth space at a festival and run a contest that will collect potential customers information.The prize can be related to your business to expose your product or service. You will have many newer contacts that you are able to add to your email list and follow up with the customers once the festival is over.

Go to lunch

Recently we went to lunch with one of our clients and we loved spending time with their staff and our staff together outside of the constant emails and phone calls. Taking your best customers out to lunch during the summer can reinforce your business relationship. By fostering customer loyalty, this creates more trust within your relationship, that they won’t be able to help recommend you to others. Plus they will appreciate the gesture.

Baldwin Park Business Ideas

There are so many fun Baldwin Park business ideas for the summer. We hope you are able to try these out and take advantage all that you can do in the summer to prepare your business for the Fall. Brainstorm with your team the things you would like to do as a staff, to enhance the culture in your company, and things that will take your company exposure to the next level.

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