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Clermont marketing means finding the right people who need your services. Here’s the breakdown of how you can do this with your blog and other marketing methods.

When it comes to your Clermont marketing strategy, blogging is a great way to grow your business by gaining exposure in the online community. We recommend that all businesses have a blog on their website- no matter what category your business falls. Blogs can be intimidating though, and sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. Here are our 3 tips to grow your Clermont marketing’s blog.

Find Your Target Market

This is the best step to start with if you aren’t sure how to blog or how to integrate it into your Clermont marketing plan. Who would you like to see the information you’re writing about? Deciding who your target market is before you write the blog will actually help these people find your blog. If you know who you’re targeting, you can tailor the writing for them. This will not only make it more personal for the person reading, but it will make it easier for them to find it online if they’re using a search engine. You will be able to insert your keywords into the blog that they identify with/are searching.

Use Keywords

If you’re not using keywords in your Clermont marketing blogs, they could be getting lost when people are searching online. For example, if your business is an air conditioning company, you’ll want to choose a keyword to write about, such as “HVAC maintenance” (or make it even more specific by adding locations around you that your customers would be searching for like we do). An example of this would be “Orlando HVAC maintenance” instead of just writing information.


If your blog is centered around HVAC maintenance, and you use the keyword throughout your Clermont marketing blog, as well as the title, they’re more likely to rank better when people look up the keyword in a search engine.


In addition to using keywords to help increase your ranks online, the way you format your information can also be helpful. Make sure your blog is at least 300 words. This should be your minimum! The title of your blog should include your keyword, as well as multiple times throughout the text. The majority of your sentences should contain less than 20 words. Shorter sentences are more precise and you have less chances of creating run-on sentences. Avoid using a passive voice when you’re writing and make sure none of your paragraphs are too long. Break up the text, this makes it much easier to read.

Last tip: To excel with your Clermont marketing strategy, post your blogs frequently! At least a few a month, but our recommendation would be at least once a week. We post two times every week on our blog and have set days so our followers know what to expect and when they’ll be live.

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