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People want consistency! One way you can provide this is by making all of your social media accounts match your company look. Here are 3 ways to help improve your small business social media and make your brand stand out on all platforms!


  1. Cover Photos

The more accurate your social media platforms represent your brand the more likely followers will be to move from your social pages to your actual website. A great place to start is with your cover photo. Both Facebook and Twitter provide the opportunity for cover photos! When people click on your page the cover photo is the FIRST thing they are going to notice so take advantage of this space on your page! Your small business social media can improve just from this first tip. Try to be creative and use the cover photo to enhance your page like adding an arrow pointing to one of the buttons below to encourage them to click it!

  1. Stories

Stories are a new addition to social media that has immediately taken off with users! Snapchat was the original start of these 10-second clips and it soon moved to Instagram and Facebook as well. This is a HUGE advantage for business! How you may ask? Consumers love to feel a personal connection between them and a company they purchase from. One way to help this is by including more personal posts into your small business social media. With stories, you can do just that! The stories can be behind the scenes of the office or maybe showing new merchandise or a new service. When you are excited about your business your customers will start to gain excitement as well so open your doors and show what you have to offer through stories!

  1. Bios

Small business social media must have an informative bio that is helpful to users. This is so huge! People donโ€™t realize that a bio gives you a chance to let followers know more about your business. Nowadays, people will search your social media to learn more about your business instead of going to your website as the first point of contact. Because of this, itโ€™s important for your bio to shine this could be your Instagram or Twitter bio and even your Facebook about page. Take time to make it easy to read and self-explanatory so no user is left unsure of what your business does.

Some things you should consider including are your

  • Industry
  • Special services that you offer
  • A link to website or a subscriptionย sing-up

Then you can get more creative and add fun emojis or fun quotes but make sure the information is there first!

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