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Instagram stories can become mundane if you aren’t drawing your audience in. Being able to provide a more interactive story will help you see more growth in your watching audience.

Tag People

Instagram stories give you the ability to tag other Instagram accounts in your stories. Use this feature! Whenever we post about our Blogger Insight series we always make sure to tag their accounts. You can read our latest blogger interview here. Tagging other accounts not only makes that account aware that you are speaking of them but also gives you the ability to cross promote. Collaborating is a great to cross promote by tagging a business to your story then they will tag you in theirs.

Tag on Instagram Stories


Click to Reveal

This is a savvy marketing technique that is easy to do. People can’t resist a cliffhanger so the more the better. If you give all the information away, people won’t be as intrigued. For example, we will make “Tip 1” and “Tag People” as two separate pictures so you must click to reveal what the tip is. This brings more interaction by allowing the user to click to reveal the information. If giving three tips, only give the first two tips and direct users to the full blog post to find the last tip!


Click To Reveal on Instagram Stories Click to Reveal on Instagram Stories


Videos or Boomerangs

Adding videos or boomerangs will immediately increase your interactions! Boomerang is an app that creates small speedy video clips that have become super popular. Instagram has conveniently added Boomerang into their story feature so you can create videos or boomerangs easily. Videos are more attention-grabbing so being creative with your videos will help your views soar!

Here is a boomerang on our Instagram!

These are three easy tips that can be implemented into your Instagram stories today! Get posting, and if you need more social media help for your business book a FREE 30-minute consultation here!

Also, if you’re interested in making quizzes offline, then this quiz maker might be just the fit you’ve been looking for! Check it out and let us know what you think!

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