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7 Signs It’s Time To Add Orlando SEO Services To Your Marketing Strategy

7 Signs It’s Time To Add Orlando SEO Services To Your Marketing Strategy

7 Signs It’s Time To Add Orlando SEO Services To Your Marketing Strategy

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Gone are the days of wishful thinking when ranking your website higher on Google. Orlando SEO services are the wave of the rankings future!

If you just launched a new website for your business, congratulations! You’re well on your way to gaining a digital audience. But you’re probably wondering how to let your customers and potential customers know about your new site. Digital traffic isn’t a “build it and they will come” situation. You need to know how to drive traffic to your website.

Adding Orlando SEO services to your marketing strategy is step number one in spreading the word about your business online. If you have yet to decide whether it’s time to add SEO, look for these signs that you need to add this service to your marketing strategy. 

Spoiler alert: it’s always time to add SEO to your marketing strategy. And we can help!

Sign #1: Your Customers Can’t Find You On Google

How often do you ask your customers where they heard of your business? If you’re not asking them this critical question, start today! It’s a great way to track your marketing efforts and highlight the avenues that need some attention. 

If you already ask, “How did you find us?” and the answer isn’t “Google,” then let’s change that! This could be a neon sign that Orlando SEO services could help bring in people who are looking precisely for what your business offers. 

Sign #2: You Don’t Have Enough Content On Your Website

How will your potential customers learn about your business if you don’t have a wealth of information on your website? Some tips for building out your website include:

Create Service Pages – By creating a different page on your website for each service area, you can focus your SEO efforts on each area of your business.

For example, if you are an attorney specializing in personal injury, you may have pages for services such as medical malpractice, auto accidents, product liability, and other practice areas.

Create Blog Content – Blogs that offer helpful information for your readers are more conversational than your service area pages and offer a peek into your business’s personality. Google rewards original and valuable content, so don’t sleep on blogs!

Research KeywordsCreating content surrounding specific keywords you’d like your website to rank for is crucial for climbing the rankings ladder. Our Orlando SEO services team is highly skilled at keyword research. We also look at what your competitors are ranking for and create content that competes with them to increase your rankings.

Building content helps Google rank your website and adds your business information across the web, helping your business become more discoverable.

Sign #3: You Can’t Remember The Last Quality Lead You Got From Your Website

Yikes – but you’re not alone. If we had a penny for every time we’ve heard business owners mention how their website “isn’t giving them the results that they want,” we’d be able to sponsor your business’s Orlando SEO services. 

But in all seriousness, your website should work for your business, not just merely exist. If your website’s copy doesn’t sell, the layout doesn’t wow, and functionality doesn’t lead users to where you want them to go – it’s time for a redesign.

Our SEO services, coupled with social media and email marketing strategies, have generated 192+ leads monthly for some of our clients. You want in, don’t you? We need to chat.

Sign #4: Education Is A Core Pillar Of Your Brand

What makes you buy from a brand? How do you know what you’re getting is the real deal? That’s where our copywriting and creative direction come into play. 

Combining storytelling and data-informed direction, our Orlando SEO services can make your website a go-to resource for providing educational and relevant content to your target audience by speaking directly to their needs. (Blogs, anyone?)  

If you need to figure out your brand pillars, start with this worksheet. Then, let’s talk about bringing those pillars together with a custom digital marketing strategy!

Sign #5: Your Competitors Are Ranking Higher Than You

When you search for one of your target keywords, do your competitors show up toward the top of your search results? That is definitely not what you want to see! When you partner with our team of SEO experts, we will do a deep dive into your competitors to see what’s working for them (and what’s not). 

We will use those keywords to go head-to-head with your competition when we see an overlap in your service areas, locations, and search terms. We love to see our clients leapfrog their competitors because they have implemented an effective SEO strategy. 

Keep checking those search results and watch as your website climbs higher and higher. Soon, your competitors will start researching your keywords to see what’s working well for you!

Sign #6: You Don’t Have A Clear Content Marketing Strategy

Having a website is one thing. Knowing what to put on your website is something entirely different. We’ve talked about service pages and blog content, but you should have a strategy for what to post and when before just tossing whatever content you can think of on your website.

Here’s where we come in. From your first complimentary call, we want to know your goals and how we can help you get there. At South Street & Co., we start with content strategy. When we research keywords, we delve into search volume, competitors’ keywords, and current search topics to find the right combination of keywords to yield the best results.

Keywords represent a phrase that users are searching for to (hopefully) find your business online. We use a combination of more general keywords (also called short-tail keywords) such as “roofing company” and long-tail keywords like “metal roofing energy efficiency” to capture users in every level of the sales funnel. 

Those at the top of the funnel are searching for broad terms. They’re just learning about what they may need. Those at the bottom of the funnel are narrowing their search terms because they’re getting closer to a conversion. These users search with narrower, more specific phrases.

Sign #7: You Are Ready To Make The Most Of Your Website 

Now here’s where it all comes together! Suppose you need more opportunities to convert your website traffic into paying clients. In that case, Orlando SEO services are a great place to use storytelling to convert those who are already curious about your business. 

An SEO strategy has to be recurring, relevant, realistic, and measurable. It’s about setting expectations for your potential clients and with your chosen agency partner and pursuing growth in a consistent stride. 

South Street & Co. Is The Orlando SEO Services Agency You Need

If any of the above signs apply to your business, it’s time to flip on the SEO switch and get our team of experts to help move your website up the Google rankings ladder. We know how the algorithm works and will put our tools and expertise to work for your business. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more about how we can help with our award-winning Orlando SEO service.

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