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Your social media marketing strategy can make or break your audience reach online. Here are four tips we believe can help boost onlookers on social media to loyal customers.

You’ve probably noticed by now that the power of social media marketing can alter your business growth. The positive effects include but are not limited to an increase in website traffic, building conversions, raising brand awareness, and improving interaction with your key audience. Are you taking the time to create a social media marketing strategy? This strategy is as important as any marketing plan. If you haven’t made one yet, no need to worry. We can meet with your for a free 30-minute consultation to see how we can help optimize your business on social media.

Today I am going to share some social media marketing strategies, so your business can thrive online!

Create Ads Online

Recurring ads help boost your business in your target audience radar. Remarketing increases the chances of a conversion happening online. Sponsored ads are available on just about any social media platform. Posting just once on Facebook and hoping that increases your conversions is not very likely. Invest in ads because the return on investment is higher than the amount going into the ad.

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Leverage Keywords In Ads

Social media marketing has allowed businesses to increase their potential customer search. You can now create ads targeted to a specific demographic from age group to interests, to even social backgrounds. Social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram have made it easy for us to enhance our audience reach for our personal company and it can work just as easily for you.

Facebook partners with data brokers that provide anonymous records of information about what consumers purchase. This is valuable to businesses and it’s marketing department because you can hone in on the perfect person for your brand. They can track their purchases, from the things they bought to where they bought them. For example, if you are a clothing brand you will want to reach a specific age group that you feel will relate to your brand and converting them to customers.

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Use Hashtags

Hashtagging is far more useful than words next to a pound sign at the end of a photo. They are so valuable to your audience reach. Your social media marketing has got to include hashtags in order to be successful. Not only can you create your own hashtag and start a campaign, you’re able to create a community of people who are on board with your brand. You are able to use hashtags across all social media platform to serve the same purpose and set your business apart.

Another great advantage of hashtags is the fact that others can find you if they search your specific hashtag. Research words that relate to your business, and remember not to make it too lengthy.

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Be Cohesive

If you created a new campaign for your brand, make sure that you use the same photo or set of photos on all ads. This will create a sense of cohesiveness with your social media marketing strategy. A well designed aesthetically appealing ad is just as important as the message in the ad. When someone sees your campaign on a website or email and sees the same ad with the same photo on social media they will easily link the brand and relate to it as they are on social media. This experience can increase conversions and traffic to your website.

Social media marketing enhances your audience reach. Do not miss the opportunity that social media offers to link a community of people that can relate to your brand, and turn them into loyal customers.

Here are three social media monitoring tips for your marketing strategy.

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