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Having a marketing plan set in place is one of the best ways to ensure success when it comes to seeing your business continually grow. We know, though, that marketing trends come and go. Knowing and paying attention to trends is important for your marketing and for your brand, which is where we can help. Your Orlando marketing plan can be constantly changing, but the one constant is that you have one in place to always refer to. Here’s our sample Orlando marketing plan.

We’ve come up with this sample Orlando marketing plan that we use not only for our clients, but also for our growth as a small business! These are our tried & true marketing methods.

Choose your platforms

Some businesses might pick them all, and some will pick and choose the ones they feel the most confident with. However, the first step is making sure you know where you want to invest your time and efforts. If you’re a roofing company, and you’ve done research on Pinterest and have found that most people don’t search that site when they need a repair. (No need to research this- we can tell you this isn’t the best platform for your business.) It would be best to direct your efforts elsewhere for maximum exposure.

Consistency Is Key

Decide on how much time to dedicate to the different platforms you have chosen. In order to start seeing results, you first need to invest in the process. For certain sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you should interact on those on a regular basis. It’s important to realize that you can push things on your to-do list off until tomorrow, but interacting on a specific date can’t be pushed off. Simply because you can’t go back in time. Doing this helps increase awareness of your brand on a personal level. People are constantly seeing your business name when they’re also interacting online.

Response Time

This. Is. Huge. Customers who reach out to a business, whether in a positive or negative way, want to see they are cared about. This means that your business should be responding within 24 hours to customer inquiries. The best way to ensure this is being taken care of is to make sure you’re constantly (and consistently) checking in on your sites.

Setting Goals

We say it all the time, but, goals are so important when it comes to measuring the success of your Orlando marketing plan. Goals help you to see how far you’ve come, and help push you along the way. If you’re not setting goals for yourself, then the success of your business isn’t reaching its full potential. Whether you set goals for the week, month, or even quarterly (or all of the above) there isn’t a much better feeling than when you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

These four areas should help you put together an Orlando marketing plan that will help your business grow with results you can be excited about. For a couple “out of the box” ideas to include in your marketing plan, check out this blog post. If you’re ready for help with your marketing plan, we’re here for you. Schedule a free consultation to talk about the goals you have for your business.

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