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Create a new strategy with these three easy Orlando social media monitoring tips.

You’ve heard it from us in the past, how to be social on social media, or how many hashtags to write down in order to enhance your photos visibility to the world. You follow these instructions and tips down to the T, but do you actually know how well your social media is doing? Today we are sharing some of our tips on how you can properly execute a successful Orlando social media monitoring strategy.

Monitoring your social media is very important to the success of your presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Etc. This is the only way you can know if what you are doing is actually working. Observing your likes and comments is just part of it. Orlando social media monitoring is done by searching keywords that relate to your business, monitoring the times you are posting, and creating a survey for your clients.

The information you gather from your clients, customers, and products can be very beneficial to your business.


Orlando Social Media Monitoring

One of the ways you can achieve a successful Orlando social media monitoring strategy is by researching keywords that relate to your prospective audience problems. For example, if you are an AC company and your competitor came out with a service or product that people are having a hard time with you search up the “keyword” that they would google to find a solution.

Whether that is “Orlando AC Repair” or “ Kissimmee Thermometer Replacement” you gather as many keywords as possible to gather information on what other people need answers to. This way when you post on social media you know the audience you are reaching and what they want to get from an AC business.

This can also help your business strategy tremendously. As you research, you will find what people are needing and your business can provide a solution. Not to mention you can write blog posts with those keywords and you will rank higher on google.

Time Posting

Not many people know that the time you post can affect how many likes on social media you receive. There are many studies out there that tell you which times are best to post. We like to take advantage of the day and post at least twice a day. Not everyone posts this frequent but here are a few times we think would boost your appearance on social media. Post In the very morning as people are heading to work, post during lunch time while people are taking a break, and post closer to the end of the night around 9 Pm. This time most people are unwinding and relaxing before bed.


Orlando Social Media Monitoring How is a survey included in your Orlando social media monitoring you ask? A survey is a way you can gather information from your current clients and prospective clients. This will allow you to learn their needs, desires, and goals so that you can position anything you post on social media to that goal.You can also learn what they are needing that you might not have thought of creating a strategy to that need before.

Not only can you survey the clients, but you can also survey your strategy. What we love about Buffer (The website we use to post on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) is that it shows you the analytics and how many people interacted with your post. Our team meets monthly and goes through the analytics so we can see what worked and what didn’t for that month and how we should either keep doing what we are doing or possibly change up our strategy.

We hope these three Orlando social media monitoring tips were helpful to your business strategy. We offer free 30 minute consultations and we can discuss how to further your social media presence for your business, just give us a call!

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