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COVID-19 Social Media Template

COVID-19 Social Media Template

COVID-19 Social Media Template

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep your customers updated with what you’re doing and when you’re open. It’s also important to tell them what you’re selling so they can keep you top-of-mind when their needs arise. We’ve created this social media template to help you post an update easily on social sites – because we know creating content can be hard.

This template is customizable and we’ve created it to allow you to copy and paste on all of your social media platforms. On the bottom, we gave you suggested posting strategies so it shows up well on each of the different outlets. Use this social media template to let your audience know where your business stands during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. All companies are different and people are turning to social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook, for frequent updates on how businesses are managing this time of uncertainty.

This freebie was designed to help you provide your audience with a COVID-19 update using our social media template. If you’re looking for other ways to grow your business, we can help! At South Street & Co., we specialize in SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing, product photography, design, coaching, and more. Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to go over your marketing goals and let us know what you’re looking for out of an agency. With over five years of experiencing helping our clients grow their online reach, we’re confident we can help your business meet its fullest potential. Let’s get started!

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