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Instagram marketing should be an important part of anyone’s marketing process. Whether you have a physical product or a service you offer, Instagram can be a good fit for you.

At South Street & Co. we’re big fans of Instagram. There are such great and cohesive communities on Instagram, it makes being social a snap! But, there are some things you want to be aware of when doing your Instagram marketing.

Some of those things are mentioned in our blogs about Instagram, others we’ll share with you. For your Instagram marketing, you should always use hashtags. Hashtags are ways that people search for you on the platform. Think of them as ‘mini and targeted Google searches.’ Here’s an example, if you’re a florist in Charleston, South Carolina, you’d want to use hashtags like these:

  • #Florist
  • #Flowers
  • #FlowerArrangement
  • #Weddings
  • #Engagement
  • #SouthCarolina
  • #Charleston
  • #Bouquet

Those are some great examples to start with. And remember, each time someone clicks on those hashtags, when you use them, your photo will show up along with others who use the same hashtags. Need some help with your social? Click the button below and let’s get this started!

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about-us-tab-72If you haven’t noticed yet, we love ourselves some Instagram marketing. Instagram is so diverse and is such a small community. We find you relevant hashtaggers, relevant accounts and we make friends with them, ultimately helping your Instagram marketing and your overall reach.

why-choose-us-72You should choose us to help your Instagram marketing because we love Instagram. We’ve grown our page and other client’s pages to incorporate more growth and ultimately sales and greater exposure. 


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