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There are a ton of companies on Instagram. But you’re probably asking yourself, “Should my company be on Instagram?”

The answer is yes, but it’s only yes if you can give these things to your profile:

  • Do you have enough time to post at least 5 times per week?
  • Do you have the knowledge of editing apps?
  • Do you have the opportunity to take high-quality photos?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of those questions… we may need to think a little longer about your Orlando Instagram marketing options.

Why We Love Instagram

Let’s face it when people ask us which platform is our favorite, we always say Instagram. We love the interaction we can receive with minimal advertising (we’ll see how long that lasts *sad face*) and we love how Instagram creates small communities within the hashtags you use.

Instagram Basics

BTW- if you need to brush up on any of the Instagram basics, we’ve written a TON of blogs for you. Here are a couple:

Orlando Instagram Marketing

When it comes to your Orlando Instagram marketing, we need to be able to portray a great and consistent image. Take our Instagram page as an example:

How To Rock Your Orlando Instagram Marketing

We decided to do the ‘every other’ photo with a colorful one and one of our quotes. Quotes are one of our favorite things to post because we feel that it really inspires people. When it comes to your Orlando Instagram marketing, you really need to see and focus on what your clients like and what they’re looking for.

If your target market is people 30-50, you’ll want more sophisticated photos. You’ll probably put photos that people can relate to within that realm, such as being a parent, working and fun nights out with friends.

Choosing Your Instagram Name

If your target market for your Orlando Instagram marketing is 18-32 the photos would look very different. They may look more light and bright, maybe even more neon colors too. They’ll be fun and trendy too.

One thing we haven’t talked about in our other blogs is how to come up with a name for the Instagram page. For our company, we chose SouthStreet_Co. We did this because the & sign wasn’t allowed on Instagram so we wanted something in between. Other options that would have worked well are:

  • SouthStreetCo
  • SouthStreet.Co
  • South.Street.Co
  • South_Street_Co

Now, I’ll warn you against the second two. If you do choose to put periods or underscores between your words, it tends to get hard to explain it to people. However, if you think that people will find you organically through search on Instagram, it’s no issue.

What Our Client Did

Our client decided to create her own Instagram name (which was fine) however, she didn’t remember what it was. She created it on her own and she did it quite some time before she hired us. After some searching we found it, but she added a 1 to the end of it.

Now, just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with adding numbers to the end or beginning of your Instagram name, however, don’t do it. Okay, so maybe there is something wrong with it. Here’s my opinion, if you’re a business you need to have a professional look. Take these businesses that you may know and may not know:

How To Rock Your Orlando Instagram Marketing

How To Rock Your Orlando Instagram Marketing

They have a straightforward Instagram name and they don’t have any numbers in the name. They copy what their business name is to make their branding consistent and when creating your Orlando Instagram marketing, consistency is key!

Be Consistent

Posting and being consistent is key to making sure you’re reaching and keeping those people engaged with your page. We’ve decided to post once per day early in the morning. However, since Instagram launched ‘Instagram stories’ we’ve been posting stories during the day. This allows people to get an ‘insider’s view into your company, product or service and it notifies them with a little colorful circle that we’ve posted a new story.

How To Rock Your Orlando Instagram Marketing

Your Orlando Instagram marketing should portray your personality while still keeping it business classy. You can also see some of the accounts we follow to give us inspiration here. Tell us what you’ve been doing with your account or if you find inspiration from other accounts online.

Cheers to making your Orlando Instagram marketing fabulous!

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