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5 Instagram photo ideas for you to post today that will boost your Instagram account to the next level!

Instagram can be your creative outlet, or way of sharing meaningful personal photos with your family and friends, either way, we all love it and use every single day. If you are having trouble finding what to share, I am going to show five Instagram photo ideas for you to post today.


We all love food so why not post it? You can share where you are at, and how delicious is the food you are eating. By tagging the restaurant, you never know if they will repost it and share on their Instagram page. Make sure the table is clean and orderly so the center of attention can be your plate. Kristie from Ifthechoofits knows how to give us food envy with her lunch! Taking photos of your food allows you to be more personable with your audience, so they can see what your life looks like.

5 Noteworthy Instagram Photo Ideas For You To Post Today



If you love your outfit have someone snap it for you, you should share your favorite moments with the world! The blogging world has taken over social media with #OOTD which means ‘outfit of the day,’ and you can tag who you are wearing. Who knows, maybe they will like your picture so much they will send you free clothes so that you can take more pictures of your outfits! Megan from Meganellaby does this and looks casual doing it! Don’t put so much pressure yourself have fun with the photo.

5 Noteworthy Instagram Photo Ideas For You To Post Today


Are you in a city and love the buildings? Then take a picture of it! Be inspired by the things around you, this will help your Instagram feed have diversity in the photos. From cars, bikes, buildings, or even dogs, take a picture of it and show the world life through your point of view. Hannah from hannahargyle does just that on her Instagram.

5 Noteworthy Instagram Photo Ideas For You To Post Today



We all love it, we all drink it! Coffee can always provide a good photo, especially with the designs they make on top. Place a notebook and a phone next to it and you’ve got yourself an Instagram photo. Ruben from Rubenhughes knows how to take a good picture of coffee by just adding a newspaper and voila!

5 Noteworthy Instagram Photo Ideas For You To Post Today



Show off your cool new shoes on a white backdrop or by taking it from where you are standing. People like to see cute shoes on social media! They know how you like to style your outfits, and it shows off your uniqueness. Chelsea from chelseaasoflate placed her favorite fall booties on a fur carpet, and made a great Instagram photo!

5 Noteworthy Instagram Photo Ideas For You To Post Today

I hope these five Instagram photo ideas for you to post, will inspire you to be more creative with your photos on social media! If you ever run out of ideas to post, no need to worry. Canva has a selection of fantastic imagery and designs that will get you inspired for your next Instagram post. Now, get to posting!! 🙂

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