Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?

Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?

Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?

Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?

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Are brands favoring Instagram over Snapchat? We’ve noticed that they have seen a higher audience reach, here’s why.

After Instagram came out with Instagram Stories, companies have questioned which is bringing more revenue to their business, Instagram or Snapchat. With Snapchat already being well-established, some may think that Snapchat is the way to go, and as someone’s opinion that may be true, but today we’re going to go over why Instagram Stories will bring more success to your brand than Snapchat.

Private Vs. Public

Snapchat was intended for a more personal use, you’re able to send your friends 10-second videos and didn’t have to worry about it the next day because it would delete within 24 hours. Instagram was intended for a more public use, and although the videos delete, you can save videos, 1-minute videos I might add, and they stay up on your feed. Many brands use Snapchat as a behind the scenes videos to get a look on the day in the life of managing the brand. As a company, it’s a matter of reaching the most people, and I believe that Instagram is more permanent and easy way to reach more people. Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?

Client Reach

Instagram is a very easy tool to access your favorite brands, Snapchat, on the other hand, you have to know the exact name of the profile to find them, making it not as easy. As a company, you then have to promote your Snapchat name to your audience for them to find you and add you. Instagram stories make it easier for the client if they’re already are following you, they see your story. According to Nike and its social media agency, Laundry Service  they generated 800,000 views in 24 hours for an Instagram Story and on Snapchat, Nike’s best video got 66,000 views. This will get any company to prefer Instagram Stories over Snapchat because of the amount of people it reaches.


Many people love the platform Snapchat has provided for news and promotional ads as you watch your personal Snapchat stories. Instagram Stories are still so new, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with something jaw-dropping in the next few months regarding ads too.

Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?


If you are still in between and can’t seem to choose which one suits your company best, read our recent article about which one we chose here. Something you can do to get the best of both worlds is to test your market on both. There is nothing bad about using both, and most people are doing it anyway (we did!). Use both to your advantage until you start seeing which one is helping your company grow. As we learn more about technology the world will become more innovative and I can’t wait to see what these two social media outlets will do next. So, what do you think? Are Brands Favoring Instagram Over Snapchat?

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