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Orlando Small business blogging may not be at the top of your list when starting your small business. And, unless you’re a seasoned professional in the SEO realm, blogging may not be your top priority. Here’s why it should be:

Orlando Small business blogging is so important because of the content you share. If you’ve read over my site, you’ll see multiple times, I use the phrase, “Content is king.” So, let’s break this down even further so you can understand why it’s so important for your small business.

Blogging is the perfect way to inform clients, patients or customers on what you do. Orlando Small business blogging allows you to get your business out there for the customer to learn about, and it also helps your SEO.

Now, the second question, “How does it help my SEO?” It helps your SEO by focusing on a keyword, or topic. The topic is repeated multiple times throughout your small business blogging and the search engine understands that that keyword is what the article is all about.

If you’re still with me, your next question might be, “Well, why can’t you just put a bunch of words in a paragraph and repeat them over and over?” This is a bad idea because over time the search engines have become smarter and they recognize this practice that some people do for their small business blogging. The multiple updates Google does to their search engine algorithm allow them to become smarter and smarter. They are able to see when the content is not quality which decreases your ranking on the search engines.

Copying and pasting content from other sites to your small business blog will help increase your rankings because it saves time and it’s great content, right? Wrong! The content for your Orlando small business blogging needs to be 100% original. Google knows when your content is from another site based on when it was published. If Google allowed companies to do this, it would be a mad furry of a couple pieces of great information and a tug-o-war over which one ranked for the exact same information.

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