Orlando Law Firm SEO Agency: Why You Should Choose Someone Who Understands Your Field

Orlando Law Firm SEO Agency: Why You Should Choose Someone Who Understands Your Field

Orlando Law Firm SEO Agency: Why You Should Choose Someone Who Understands Your Field

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We are an Orlando law firm SEO agency with services designed to help our clients rank higher in Google search results. We get asked frequently why it is important to choose an agency that understands their industry. Let’s take a look at some very important reasons why!


What is Law Firm SEO?

As a law firm, your focus is on successful cases for your existing clients, and bringing in new clients to help. Considering the fact that search engine queries are the start of 23% of all website visits, an optimized website and being present on the Google search results page is a critical part of bringing in those new clients. One way to bring more people to your website is to optimize it for search engines, which is called SEO (search engine optimization). Using the right strategies, you can optimize the content and performance of your website so it ranks higher in the search results and gets even more clicks. In order to rank, your website needs to meet the criteria of Google’s algorithm. This includes features like:

  • Reliability
  • Usefulness
  • Relevancy
  • Accessibility
  • And more

How can you include these features on your website? Take steps to improve user experience and accessibility by increasing your website speed and maintaining a user-friendly design, improve usefulness by creating informative, trustworthy, and in-depth content, and add relevancy by updating your content and your website often. Here are a few ways our agency can help you increase your rankings.

Choosing The Right Keywords                                                                                                              

An SEO agency that specializes in law firms would know which keywords your website needs to focus on in order to capture search engines’ (and your potential clients’) attention. High-quality content combined with the right keywords is extremely important in order to ensure that your site ranks higher on the search engine results page to drive traffic and more leads. A law firm SEO agency that provides SEO services in Orlando will work diligently to increase rankings by ensuring only the best keywords and content are being focused on.

Local Visibility

Local visibility is extremely important for a law firm to ensure that potential clients in their area can easily find them. An SEO agency will ensure that your online business profiles are up to date to the right industry data, keywords and content to give you a boost in Google Maps, Apple Maps and more. This is essential for your potential new clients to find your law firm and includes marketing methods such as:

Using these methods, we can make sure that your law firm has the visibility it needs whether through paid or organic search. 

In addition to these strategies, we can provide:

  • Website design
  • SEO and competitor analysis
  • Content marketing
  • Content development
  • On-site SEO
  • Local SEO
  • And more

Choosing The Right Agency

An experienced marketing agency will understand how to create a strategy that focuses on your target practice area. Choosing a law firm SEO agency that is unfamiliar with the industry can result in content being created that is not fine tuned to meet your goals. An experienced law firm SEO agency will create a plan to meet your marketing initiatives. A law firm focused SEO agency will perform research and make recommendations on which content to focus on for on-page SEO, where to place backlinks, and how to hyper-focus on practice areas that are going to have the most success for your law firm.

As an attorney, your area of expertise is in your legal practice. As a marketing agency, we specializing in reaching your audience and bringing the right leads to you. Simply having a website isn’t enough in this competitive landscape. Other law firms are fighting for the top positions on the Google results page, and it’s important to take steps to put your firm there instead. We have the right strategies and tools to take you there.

Why You Should Work With Someone Who Understands Your Field

While we’re digital marketing experts, we also have an in-depth understanding of how law firms operate. We’ve worked with a wide variety of law firms, including small, boutique firms to larger firms with multiple locations and service areas that span the state of Florida and beyond. We know how to create informative, professional, and accurate content that you will be proud to display on your website. We’ve worked with law firms with a range of practice areas from Social Security law to personal injury.

Expand Your Digital Footprint Today

These are a few of the ways an Orlando law firm SEO agency could help your law firm, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you own a law firm and are looking for SEO services in Orlando or Central Florida and would like to set up a free consultation to discuss how to execute the right SEO plan for your law firm give us a call!

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