Our Orlando Facebook Ad Management Services Team Shares How To Optimize Your Ads

Our Orlando Facebook Ad Management Services Team Shares How To Optimize Your Ads

Our Orlando Facebook Ad Management Services Team Shares How To Optimize Your Ads

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Do you run Facebook ads? Our Orlando Facebook ad management services team shares how to get the most out of them.

Facebook ads are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Facebook ads provide a comprehensive and easy way to reach customers at varying stages of a sales funnel. With the right strategy, you can see excellent results. According to Hootsuite, your ads can reach 2.17 billion people if you advertise on Facebook.

Facebook ads allow you to target your audience based on their age, gender, location, interests, and who has visited your website and engaged with your content. In addition, they are shown on Instagram and Facebook, meaning you have the range and flexibility to create ads that reflect your business on both platforms. Our Orlando Facebook ad management services team shares four tips for optimizing your ads for the best results. 


Choose the Best Campaign Objective for Your Business

Choosing a Facebook ad campaign objective that doesn’t align with your desired results is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Before choosing which ad to create, consider your business goals. Your advertising objective is the outcome you and your business would find the most valuable. Knowing what you want to achieve is important to choose the right objective. Here’s a rundown of the different ad objectives:

  • Awareness: Optimized for impressions, Facebook will show your ads to the most significant number of people within your target audience.
  • Traffic: Sends people to a destination, like a website, app, Facebook event, or Messenger conversation.
  • Leads: Collect leads for your business or brand via messages, phone calls, or email signups.
  • App Promotion: Get people on mobile devices to install or take a specific action within your app.
  • Sales: Find people likely to purchase your services.

To get the best results, consider testing different campaign objectives. Now that you know the ad objectives, when do you use which?

  • Awareness: This is a good option if you want to build a memorable brand and have the means to measure ad recall.
  • Traffic: This is a good option if you want to send people to your website to read a blog post, look at your services, or direct to a limited offer.
  • Leads: This is a great option to collect customer data on Facebook without driving traffic to your website.
  • App Promotion: This objective is a good choice if you want people to download and engage with your app.
  • Sales: This objective is a good choice if you have many products and want to show potential customers items based on their previous interactions with your business.


Optimize Your Ad Placement  

You can manually control your Facebook ad placements within the network in Ads Manager, either while creating an ad or after the ad has been published. The best placement for your ad will depend on your ad format, objective, and budget.

Manually controlling your ad’s placement can help you optimize for your objective while reducing ad costs. As you run your campaigns, you’ll want to see which placements are getting you the best results and reoptimize your ad budget for the placements with the highest reach. By turning off the placements with little or no reach, you can reallocate the budget to the ad placements you know have a higher reach and perform effectively. This simple ad adjustment can get you more clicks or increased conversions.


Track Your Data with a Pixel

A Facebook pixel is a small snippet of code you add to your website. It tracks how people interact with your site and gives valuable data to let Facebook know who your target audience is. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people are taking. Facebook pixel data helps ensure your ads are seen by those most likely to take your desired action. This allows you to improve your Facebook ad conversion rate and get a better return on investment.


Define your Target Audience

A Facebook audience is the people you want to reach with your ad. You can optimize your Facebook ad audience based on your business’s target audience demographics. Explore the demographics, interests, and behaviors of people on Facebook and people connected to your Page with Audience Insights. You can then choose a location, age, gender, and language, as well as detailed targeting based on interests and behavior, connections, and even create custom audiences. This allows you to build relationships and better communicate with consumers who are most likely to invest in your business based on their interests and behaviors. 


Do You Need Help Optimizing Your Ads?

While running Facebook ads may seem a little overwhelming initially, they’re easy to tackle once you understand. Working with an Orlando Facebook ad management services team to optimize your ads can help your business attract new clients while maximizing your budget and results. Our team of experts at South Street & Co. will build a plan to help you succeed. Book a complimentary call today for strategies that our clients rave about.

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